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Emma Terreal - Silent Reaper Sin-Eater

Emma Terreal
Archetype: Reaper
Threshold: The Silent
Concept: Balancer of Accounts
Virtue: Equity
Vice: Detachment

Intelligence ***
Wits **
Resolve ***

Strength **
Dexterity **
Stamina ***

Presence *
Manipulation **
Composure ***

Note on photo: Emma is bi-racial, African-American/White, but finding a good picture of a businesswoman without half-open blouses is a challenge. And I like the semi-archaic outfit as well as her expression.

Academics (Finance) ***
Computer (Spreadsheets) *
Crafts ***
Investigation (Finance) **
Occult **

Athletics **
Firearms **
Larceny *
Stealth (Casual) **

Animal Ken
Empathy (Regret) *
Streetwise *
Subterfuge **

Keys: Stillness, Industrial

Manifestation: Caul 1, Shroud 2

Meditative Mind *
Resources **
Haunt: Residue *
Professional Training: Accountant ***
  • Asset Skills: Academics, Computer, Investigation
  • 9 Again on Asset Skills
  • Contacts: Accounting **
  • Bonus Specialties: Academics: Finance, Computer: Spreadsheets
Defense: 4
Health: 8
Initiative: 5
Psyche: 1
Synergy: 7
Speed: 9
Willpower: 6

Keystone: The Unending Account            
Threshold: The Silent     
Keys: Stillness, Cold-Wind            
Skill: Academics

A slender seeming folio in the style of those kept by clerks sometime between the 17th and 19th Centuries. There seem to be maybe twenty to thirty pages within the cover, each covered in well-organized notes with indicating an entity, some numbers, and a note. Sometimes the entity is identified as a name but other times it is just a cryptic descriptor. Some of the entries are in bright crimson ink while others are in coal black ink. Flipping through the pages finds the contents of the pages change. With practice, the Sin-Eater bound to The Auditor can look up specific entries. This starts when their own time as a Sin-Eater starts to be recorded and they start to find entries they immediately understand as related to their own adventures.

The Auditor was in charge of accounts and inventory for an outpost somewhere in a distant colony outpost. When a war erupted, the outpost found itself forgotten and cut off, with no new receipt of resources. Despite a valiant attempt to survive, death continued to stalk the small, two-hundred member population of the outpost. As things worsened, the Auditor began to keep track of the interactions and tragedies within their records until they finally also died of starvation roughly a month after being the only survivor.

Equipment: Light Pistol, Suppressor, Small House, Computer, Small Car (Honda Accord)

Breaking Points
Standby and do nothing as a person is crushed by circumstance.
Killing a Target without seeking other forms of justice first.
Push a bystander or innocent to self-destructive action.
Use supernatural powers to take advantage of someone for pleasure.
Letting cruelty go unanswered.

Aspirations (provisional, need to work with the GM for these)
Discover the nature of the "black winged angel"
Gain independence from the bank
Settle the Accounts of my Death

Session 1 

2 Beats

Session 2

2 Beats (4 Total)

Session 3

4 Beats (1 XP 3 Beats total)
Spend 1 XP to gain Haunt Residue 1

Session 4

6 Beats (2 XP 4 Beats Total/1 XP 4 Beats unspent)

Session 5

4 Beats (3 XP 3 Beats Total/3 Beats Unspent)

Session 6 

4 Beats (4 XP 2 Beats Total/1 XP 2 Beats Unspent)

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