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Account - The Unfortunate Ormwood Babysitter - Page 1

I did not expect to be awakened so early in the morning. At least, not by a phone call. The occasional spectral visitor I get now would have been somewhat less surprising. Then again, it is a bit welcome to have such a mundane example of life interrupting life present itself. Regardless, the matter presented is serious in a number of ways. First, the caller claims to represent an arm of the US government and seems to have some knowledge of my nature. Second, the case involves the murder of a young woman and the disappearance of a little girl who seems very much more than meets the eye.

Client: Vanguard Serial Crimes Units represented by Agents MacCrae and Glass

Matter in Question: A six-year old girl is missing after her babysitter was killed.

Item 1: Agent Montgomery Haul MacCrae: One of the investigators working for VASCU.
Item 1a: Quite hungry, prefers burgers to burritos.
Item 1b: Seems to have some knowledge of the supernatural.
Item 1c: At least seems to have awareness of myself and those around me.
Actions to be Taken: Get through the case without shooting him in the foot.

Item 2: Agent Simone Glass: The less vocal of the two VASCU Agents
Item 2a: Mute, possibly deaf.
Item 2b: Seems to be the smart one of the pair.
Actions to be Taken: Learn sign language.

Item 3: Dr Wattkins: The forensic specialist for VASCU.
Item 3a: Probably wants me committed.
Actions to be Taken: Prove I am a skilled investigator.

Item 4: Edna Forney: Lucy Chambers' babysitter and accidental Barbra Gordon cosplayer
Item 4a: Taking death remarkably well.
Item 4b: Was answering the door when she was shot.
Item 4c: Hollow Points were used, she used to have a back.
Item 4d: She said the killer was not human. See Item 5.
Item 4e: Planned to spend the next day with her boyfriend.
Item 4f: Her yearbooks are an anchor.
Item 4g: Is disappointed that she has not moved on to heaven.
Item 4h: Says that her killer jumped out of the window.
Item 4i: Gave her my address.
Actions to be Taken: Balance the account with her killer.

Item 5: Thing With a Squirming Mask: Edna's killer.
Item 5a: Used a gun to kill Edna.
Item 5b: Lucy used animal repellent to put it off her trail.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of this killer. Balance the accounts. Determine whether the creature is instigator or tool.

Item 6: Lucy Chambers: Slightly more than precocious little girl.
Item 6a: Six years old.
Item 6b: Attends Ormwood Elementary.
Item 6c: Considered very well behaved.
Item 6d: Very high reading level.
Item 6e: Interest in Architecture.
Item 6f: Bruce Wayne MacGyver school of preparation.
Item 6g: Born on the same day one Anthony D. Wareham died. See Item 15.
Item 6h: Lucy may not be Lucy. See Item 9c.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain Lucy Chambers' identity and nature. Find Lucy Chambers.

Item 7: Jackie and Kevin Chambers: Lucy Chambers' parents.
Item 7a: Jackie Chambers is a teacher at Ormwood Elementary
Item 7b: Kevin Chambers is a financial consultant for Bank of America.
Actions to be Taken: Speak to Jackie and Kevin Chambers.

Item 8: Lucy's Room: Disturbingly clean of traces.
Item 8a: Scrubbed clean of all signs of death's presence.
Item 8b: Paracord in place for quick escape.
Actions to be Taken: Learn how death's traces were scrubbed here.

Item 9: Lucy's Pictures: Seemingly normal children's drawings.
Item 9a: One picture references a safe place with a friend. In VHC. See Item 18.
Item 9b: One picture references something called Epidiokei Skopo. See Item 12.
Item 9c: Rosa says that the letters' signatures ring as a falsehood. See Item 19
Item 9d: One of the pictures is drawn in blood.
Actions to be Taken: Find the safe place. Determine who these paintings are meant to give a message to. Ascertain the meaning of the message.

Item 10: Lucy's Lockbox: Professional bank lockbox.
Item 10a: Provided by the law offices of Richardson and Rake. See Item 14.
Item 10b: The lockbox is empty except for a list of items that had been in it.
Item 10c: Addressed to "Unknown" from "Anthony D. Wareham". See Item 15
Item 10d: Motorola Droid X Smartphone, found by VASCU. See Item 16.
Item 10e: American Red Cross First Aid Kit (Compact)
Item 10f: Leatherman Multitool.
Item 10g: Small electric torch(flashlight) with separate AAA batteries.
Item 10h: $10,000 USD.
Item 10i: Hand-held bronze mirror depicting Medusa
Actions to be Taken: Find the mirror depicting Medusa and ascertain its importance and nature.

Item 11: Items found in Lucy's Room: A bunch of empty packages.
Item 11a:  Plastic wrapper of a 10 pack of matches.
Item 11b: An empty box of clip-lock bags.
Item 11c: Empty 6 pack of AAA batteries.
Item 11d: Bag of assorted protein bars, nutritional supplements, and vitamins.
Item 11e: Two pack of Superglue
Item 11f: Animal repellent.
Actions to be Taken: Narrow down the type of animal repellent.

Item 12: Epidiokei Skopo: Secret Society referenced several times.

Item 12a: Seems to mean "The Order of Seeking"
Item 12b: Seems to be organization of some type.
Item 12c: Are not recorded within The Unending Account.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the nature of this secret society.

Item 13: The Chambers' Finances: There are oddities in play.
Item 13a: The family finances and other assets are being funneled over to Lucy's accounts.
Actions to be Taken: Get a closer look at their finances.

Item 14: Richardson and Rake: Law firm of some sort.
Item 14a: Present in the Unending Account, but redacted.
Item 14b: Potentially British based on use of the word "Torch" rather than "Flashlight."
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Richardson and Rake.

Item 15: Dr. Anthony D. Wareham: Man mentioned in Lucy's Lockbox.
Item 15a: Posted the lockbox we found in Lucy's room
Item 15b: Was killed by a sniper.
Item 15c: Died the same day that Lucy was born. See Item 6.
Item 15d: Was born the sam day Granny Slocum died. See Item 19.
Actions to be Taken: Investigate the scene of his death. Ascertain whether he has a ghost.

Item 16: Motorola Smartphone: It's the droid we were looking for.
Item 16a: Erica cracked its security easily enough.
Item 16b: Provided several emails.
Actions to be Taken: None at the moment.

Item 17: Ormwood Elementary Library: Common enough children's school library.
Item 17a: The librarian had only nice things to say about Lucy.
Item 17b: The librarian was a little bit creeped out by Lucy.
Item 17c: Lucy frequently checked out "The Living Art of Victor Herbert Crane"
Item 17d: Most appropriate response to worst Mother's Day gift found in said book.
Item 17e: Feels like a message drop.
Item 17f: Note mentions Graham Ellis. See Item 22.
Actions to be Taken: Talk to Lucy's teachers or friends. Ascertain whether or not Lucy had friends.

Item 18: Victor Herbert Crane: Artist and architect active in mid 19th Century.
Item 18a Style is known for uses of triangles that produce a psychedelic impact on the viewer.
Item 18b Sounds similar to the style of the Gate under the abandoned vampire sanctum.
Item 18c May have been referenced in Lucy's pictures. See item 9.
Item 18d He has a listing in the Ledger, but it is heavily redacted.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain whether or not he was involved with the manufacture of the Gate.

Item 19: Granny Slocum: Woman who signed politely threatening, profanity laden note.
Item 19a: Died the same day Dr. Anthony D. Wareham was born. See Item 15.
Item 19b: Seemingly Nathan Slocum's mother. See Item 21.
Item 19c: Apparently has died many times before.
Item 19d: Does not agree with Epidiokei Skopo on some matters.
Item 19e: Is connected to Graham Ellis. See Item 22.
Item 19f: Is listed in the Ledger, but heavily redacted.
Actions to be Taken: Determine whether Granny Slocum is Lucy Chambers. Ascertain nature of Granny Slocum. Investigate her crime scene.

Item 21: Nathan Slocum: Wealthy man who may have killed his own mother.
Item 21a: We may have intercepted a threatening note addressed to him from Granny Slocum.
Item 21b: Granny Slocum's note says he killed her with a 7.62mm bullet.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Nathan Slocum.

Item 22: Graham Ellis: Private investigator I do accounting for.
Item 22a: May have been investigating Granny Slocum's or Anthony D. Wareham's death.
Item 22b: The note tells Nathan to speak to Mr. Ellis.
Actions to be Taken: Speak to Mr. Ellis.

Open the VASCU Account.

Movement on the Graham Ellis Account

Movement on the Michael Callahan Account.
Movement on the Erica Blackburn Account.
Movement on the Rosa Calvaria Account.

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