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Account - The Unfortunate Ormwood Babysitter - Page 2

Lucy Chambers is found, something I had not expected to be able to say so soon. However, this does not end my involvement in the matters. We will turn the reincarnating spirit over to VASCU, of course, most likely with minimal explanation as to their nature, but there remains the matter of the person who first sent the creature to the Chambers' door. We have chosen between us to investigate further but even without that consensus I would have to face this task. There is an account that must be balanced.

Client: Vanguard Serial Crimes Units represented by Agents MacCrae and Glass

Matter in Question: A six-year old girl is missing after her babysitter was killed.

Item 1: Agent Montgomery Haul MacCrae: One of the investigators working for VASCU.
Actions to be Taken: Get through the case without shooting him in the foot.

Item 2: Agent Simone Glass: The less vocal of the two VASCU Agents
Actions to be Taken: Learn sign language.

Item 3: Dr Wattkins: The forensic specialist for VASCU.
Actions to be Taken: Prove I am a skilled investigator.

Item 4: Edna Forney: Lucy Chambers' babysitter and accidental Barbra Gordon cosplayer
Actions to be Taken: Balance the account with her killer. Look for the one that compels the spirit.

Item 5: Thing With a Squirming Mask The Writhing Man: Edna's killer.
Item 5c: Called The Writhing Man by Lucy Chambers. See Item 6.
Item 5d: Apparently a Razilu, also known as a "Snake Host".
Item 5e: Usually neutral and uninvolved, therefore likely compelled.
Actions to be Taken:

Item 6: Lucy Chambers: Slightly more than precocious little girl.
Item 6i: Was found by Thordis, Ames, and Michael in an alternate reality.
Item 6j: Was taking refuge with Hecate.
Item 6k: Was not expecting us. Thought Theodore would come.
Item 6l: Had contacted Richardson and Rake for one of her care packages. Assassin followed.
Item 6m: Always reborn into a new body, awakens roughly 6 years after rebirth.
Item 6n: Has been around since tribal times.
Item 6o: There appears to be no terrible negligence on her part that got Edna killed.
Item 6p: She has agreed to take care of Edna's family and ghost as reparation.
Item 6q: Has insight to Blackmouth.
Item 6r: Identified Amanda Mason as the person who directed her to Hecate. See Item
Item 6s: Death does not touch her.
Item 6t: Enjoys milkshakes.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more of Lucy Chambers' identity and nature.

Item 7: Jackie and Kevin Chambers: Lucy Chambers' parents.
Item 7c: Know nothing about their daughter's supernatural nature.
Actions to be Taken: Speak to Jackie and Kevin Chambers.

Item 8: Lucy's Room: Disturbingly clean of traces.
Item 8c: Lucy is similarly clean of death's touch.
Actions to be Taken: Learn how death's traces were scrubbed here.

Item 9: Lucy's Pictures: Seemingly normal children's drawings.
Actions to be Taken: Nothing for the moment.

Item 10: Lucy's Lockbox: Professional bank lockbox.
Actions to be Taken: Find the mirror depicting Medusa and ascertain its importance and nature.

Item 11: Items found in Lucy's Room: A bunch of empty packages.
Item 11g: Lucy purchased broad-spectrum general animal repellent on ebay.
Actions to be Taken: None at the Moment.

Item 12: Epidiokei Skopo: Secret Society referenced several times.
Item 12d: Formed by Nathan Slocum after World War II.
Item 12e: Used to be a force for good in the city.
Item 12f: Have dwindled in number.
Item 12g: Theodore is "not the man that his father was".
Item 12h: Seek to prove the existence of the supernatural and expose it to the world.
Actions to be Taken: Determine the current status of this secret society.

Item 13: The Chambers' Finances: There are oddities in play.
Actions to be Taken: Get a closer look at their finances.
Item 14: Richardson and Rake: Law firm of some sort.
Item 14c: Promised Nathan Sloclum evidence regarding the supernatural.
Item 14d: Partner Cyrus Rake.
Item 14e: Partner Zir Richardson. (Zir as the gender neutral pronoun)
Item 14f: Go-betweens, not instigators. Unlikely to be behind the assassination attempt.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Richardson and Rake.

Item 15: Dr. Anthony D. Wareham: Man mentioned in Lucy's Lockbox.
Item 15b: Was Lucy Chambers' previous life.
Actions to be Taken: Investigate the scene of his death.

Item 16: Motorola Smartphone: It's the droid we were looking for.
Item 16a: This is how Lucy was located.
Actions to be Taken: None at the moment.

Item 17: Ormwood Elementary Library: Common enough children's school library.
Actions to be Taken: Talk to Lucy's teachers or friends. Ascertain whether or not Lucy had friends.

Item 18: Victor Herbert Crane: Artist and architect active in mid 19th Century.
Item 18e: One of his art installations was a portal to another realm where Lucy was hiding.
Actions to be Taken: Research other art pieces and buildings he had a hand in.

Item 19: Granny Elanor Slocum: Woman who signed politely threatening, profanity laden note.
Item 19g: Was Lucy Chambers' life prior to being Dr. Anthony D. Wareham.
Actions to be Taken: Investigate her place of death.

Item 21: Nathan Slocum: Son of Elanor Slocum.
Item 21c: Saw strange things in World War II and became obsessed with the occult.
Item 21d: Found video of man killed by a faceless woman.
Item 21e: Founded Epidiokei Skopo
Item 21f: Died of old age
Item 21g: Actually had nothing to do with this situation.
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about Nathan Slocum.

Item 22: Graham Ellis: Private investigator I do accounting for.
Item 22c: In the process of making his embalmer's job easier.
Item 22d: Prefers to stay away from the supernatural.
Item 22e: Used to know Nathan Slocum.
Item 22f: Seems to willfully ignore open suggestion of the supernatural.
Item 22g: Does not have good opinion of Richardson and Rake.
Item 22h: Directed us to Amanda Mason as someone who runs a number of child related charities and organizations.
Actions to be Taken: None at the moment.

Item 23: Theodore Slocum: Nathan Slocum's son who is actually the danger here.
Item 23a: Graham Ellis says he is focusing on his father's security business.
Item 23b: Letting other businesses fall by the wayside.
Item 23c: Lucy is certain he is the ultimate source of the assassin.
Item 23d: Lucy feels he is likely to "implode quite spectacularly".
Item 23e: Lucy does not know what he is doing or why she needed to be taken out of the equation.
Actions to be Taken: Discover what he is up to. Bring him to balance for Edna's death.

Item 24: Strategic Corporate Security Solutions (SCSS): Theodore's Private Military Corporation
Item 24a: There are apparently letters missing from Theodore's stenciling kit.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain the motivations and mission statement of this organization.

Item 25: Cyrus Rake: Partner at Richardson and Rake
Item25a: May have interests of his own outside the firm's activities and clients.
Actions to be Taken: Ascertain Cyrus's nature and objectives.

Item 26: Amanda Mason: Children's Advocate:
Item 26a: Mother of Skye Mason
Item 26b: Was able to direct Lucy where to find Hecate.
Item 26c: Lucy says she stumbled on to the occult.
Actions to be Taken: Get her insight on Blackmouth.

Item 27: Skye Mason: Cashier at Tanelorn Games
Item 27a: We were going to talk to her about her mother.
Actions to be Taken: None at the moment.

Item 28: The Enlightened Ones: A group of mages from time passed.
Item 28a: Mentioned by Hecate by name in the previous case.
Item 28b: Performed several experiments in the area.
Item 28c: Left behind a great mess in the area.
Actions to be Taken: Seek other places these Enlightened Ones may have left messes.

Item 29: Zir Richardson: Partner at Richardson and Rake
Actions to be Taken: Learn more about their identity and nature.

Item 30: Hecate: Aka "The Biggest Sister"
Item 30a: I was not present to meet her.
Actions to be Taken: Likely continue to be absent for meeting interesting people.

Movement on the Hecate Account.
Movement on the Epidiokei Skopo Account.
Movement on the Victor Herbert Crane Account.

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