Sunday, August 27, 2017

Marle - Bard of Blades and Metal

A traveler from a distant land, the Tiefling Bard known only as "Marle" is a teller of tales and a singer of songs, and she is willing to share them with whoever will listen. It seems that the only story that she is reluctant to tell, however, is the one regarding her own origin. When asked where she came from, she will often answer "Not from around here." This much is true, for her odd mannerisms make it apparent.

Despite this, Marle is friendly and outgoing to the people she meets, sharing with them the stories and songs she has heard on the road, often in public places such as Inns or Taverns, asking only for a small pittance in return.

Her travels have not always been kind to her, however, as her racial heritage has caused her trouble on more than one occasion, so she usually casts an illusion spell upon herself to appear human, and only stays in one place for two or three days at most. It is because of this that one might be lead to believe that her wandering lifestyle may be one of necessity rather than choice, and perhaps for her there is no such place as "Home". . .

Tiefling Bard of Blades
Far Wanderer

Harpshadow of the Harpers
Wielder of Shandrilar's Song

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