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Defector from Old Money - Logos Theme: Defining Event

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 0/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "My family are parasites for whom I must atone."

After the hostage event when she was a teenager, it became evident that her father and mother cared more for the family secrets than they did for their own children.

Power Tags

A - Noblesse Oblige
B - Knows how finance works
H - Incorruptible


D - Talks to the Narrator



Haven't had a session yet.

Story Stuff

Chosen Questions

What kind of strong emotion did your defining event leave you with? Noblesse Oblige

Rationale: When she was 16 she was kidnapped by a man that insisted her family had been traitors and criminals for generations. It turned out he was right. This completely destroyed Patricia's view of her family and left her determined not to follow that course. This resulted in her being disowned as soon as she reached the age of majority and forced to get by on her own. The event has left her with the determined belief that a person is obligated to use the resources they have to help others rather than hurt them. The greater the resources, the greater the obligation. This basic philosophy unfortunately feeds the Sense of Superiority she has received from both Monte Cristo and Lamashtu. The Monte Cristo mythos vehemently agrees with her idea that the ability and resources obligate while Lamashtu slips in the idea that some people are innately superior to others and providing beneficial aid is simply one way to show off that superiority.

What part of your old self, while deeply changed, still serves you? Knows how finance works

Rationale: Even as a child, Patricia was observant and intelligent. She didn't just assume her money came from nowhere. She paid attention to how her parents controlled their fortune and listened to the accountants and investment advisors. The one thing she didn't do, and curses herself for not doing, was look deeper into where the money came from. While a lot of it is legitimate, there remain corrupt wells that she didn't learn about until her kidnapping. This knowledge has helped her turn her war-time pay, GI Bill, and other such payments into a comfortable collection of investments that serve her basic needs even while she is barred from directly serving her community. In addition, this knowledge is something she can use to great effect as an investigator.

What approach to life did you adopt after your defining event? Incorruptible.

Rationale: The deep rejection she had of her family's true face has resulted in giving herself a much firmer steel against the idea of doing the wrong thing. This isn't necessarily a decision to never bend the laws, but she refuses to waver in her personal morality. This trait might prove a bit of a problem for her Mythos as Monte Cristo places priority to his mission over his morality and ethics while Lamashtu is wholly amoral, not considering such things to have any importance at all.

What is now broken within you, physically or mentally, after your defining event? Talks to the narrator.

During her kidnapping as a way to focus herself and prevent herself from shutting down, Patricia began to form her thoughts as if explaining to someone watching what she was doing and basically having a one-sided mental conversation including asking questions and looking for opinions. She was aware that there was no one there, but it helped her survive and deal with the situation well enough to both escape and find the evidence of her family's corruption. During her time in the War, the increased stress started causing her to do this out loud and the behavior was reported, resulting in her discharge for mental health reasons. It remains something she does on a general basis and something she is on the borderline of forgetting that she's not actually talking to anybody.


As I said under her mission, it is entirely possible that this will be her last Logos, depending on how things go. If so, then she will take to her role as guardian in a much more subtle way. She'll try to influence institutions and change things for the better on a political rather than vigilante front. On the other hand, this Identity is the one which I definitely know what Nemesis will be created if it Cracks: her blood relations. Even if it doesn't crack, her family might appear in her weaknesses as they become more active in trying to shut her down or neutralize her. Attacking her mental issues and having her institutionalized might be one thing they try, eventually.

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