Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Patriot's Duty - Logos Theme: Mission

Character: Patricia Althius

Attention: 1/3

Crack: 0/3

Identity: "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Patricia served as an MP in the War and was discharged over concerns that she was suffering from PTSD. She still has a driving need to be of service to her people.

Power Tags

A - Criminology and Deduction
B - Close Quarters Combat
F - Veteran of The War


D- Pervasive Despair



Gained attention when her Pervasive Despair hampered her ability to resist the attacking dreams.

Story Stuff

Chosen Questions

What do you need most to carry out your mission? Criminology and Deduction

Rationale: Patricia is intelligent and a trained law enforcement professional due to having been an active duty military police officer in a war zone. She is well aware that protecting people is not simply a matter of beating up the obvious bad guys. She knows that she needs to approach her duty with an attention to detail. She just wishes she could do so from an official position.

Pursuing your mission has made you into... a Veteran of the War

Rationale: When she discovered her family's long history of immoral, unethical, and in some cases outright traitorous activity in pursuit of their own wealth, she turned against them. This removed their support for her education. As such, she turned to the military as a source of training and funding. This also dove-tailed into the deep devotion to her duty that had been awakened. When The War broke out, she was eventually assigned to a tour. As a woman she wasn't assigned to a unit meant to be in combat, but she'd already started the law enforcement track and, as an MP, she ended up in several fire-fights for one reason or another.

What were you forced to learn while on your mission? Close quarters combat

Rationale: Gunplay is certainly something she is used to as a war veteran, but ideally she prefers to bring her opponents down alive so that they can face a proper trial and investigation. It is far easier to do that with hand-to-hand skills than by shooting a person. In addition, as an MP, she would often be in a position where someone might turn on her before a gun could be drawn and then being able to fight back without bringing in a firearm to the chaotic situation was a definite necessity.

Why have you not succeeded so far? Pervasive despair

Rationale: While she remains fixed on her mission, she is definitely plagued by doubts and mental health issues. However, while some of the despair is her own, primarily this is external. Patricia often finds herself faced with the fact that a lot of people, good people, just don't feel like anything can change and that any belief that it can is a childish fantasy. When she does find someone with hope, the people around them or the situation itself is often eager to crush that hope into dust.


I don't have many expectations on this theme yet. Either this one or the Defector logos will end up being her last redoubt of humanity. At this point, I'm not sure which direction she will take. This one is much more pro-active and direct route to her Logos as a guardian, but she may eventually decide that the methods she acquired as a daughter of wealth might long-term be more effective. While her Knight in Sour Armor Identity conflicted her Suddenly Vampirism Mystery, this Identity conflicts with her last Identity and its likely that pursuing the methods of one will lead to the other cracking.

If this becomes her final redoubt, then she will have a much more militant take on her role. Any minions she acquires (because vampire) will tend to be more of the warrior or law enforcement sort. They will be operating more on the front lines between the helpless and danger, even if their nature might get them poor reputation or suspicion (because vampire)

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