Saturday, September 2, 2017

Taking Flight into the Void - Airship Lost - Session One Gameplay Discussion

I slipped a little bit on keeping note of ongoing situations on the play grid.

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The game went pretty well, there was quite a bit of player versus player content involved here as Ichiro/Amaya/Akiko waking up post-unsealing got a little bit jumpy and prone to acting out. Aspect Compels drove the game for the most part and added lots of complications to the general situation of stuff going wildly wrong.

There was a brief attempt by Aislin to close the rift that sucked them out into the void, and though that failed with a major amount of backlash, she immediately directed her attention toward protecting the ship and managed to prevent much in the way of damage from the wild bolts of lightning occurring around the ship.

We have two characters able to contact outside of the ship. One is Aislin through her collective mindscape with Nirvana and Ashvattha, and the other is Malcolm who has a Nirvana smart phone that also connects to the Ashvattha mindscape. But the connection is still a bit problematic due to their existence in the cosmology outside Earth.

Even Amaya breaking down the climate controls, which partially happened because a failed engineering knowledge check had her decide they were non-essential machines, means that the ship is quickly vacuum worthy and now they have a bit more time to repair the climate controls. However, Akiko is about to head on a tear for the next session because she wants FUN!


Akiko (to bring her personality into control)

Dark Side of Fate (increased damage to Aislin from the lightning bolt passing through the ship)

Fun at All Costs (to cause Akiko to make trouble),

Humanotech is beneath me (to prevent Aislin from identifying the distant rocket fire and having her phone on hand)

I'm Helping! (to send Amaya to go look for spare parts recklessly)

Incorrigble Trickster (to suggest Akiko creating the illusory hole in the ship)

Walking Disaster Area (to deal more damage to Ichiro/Amaya when the lightning struck)

What is this "Plan"? (to cause Malcolm Reynolds to mess up the plan and fail to catch Amaya before she delivered spare parts to the engineers)


Born Leader (to help direct the crew of the ship)

Enhanced Sight (created by using the Realm of Vacuum to draw light in better to her eyes, used by Aislin to better see what was happening in Vollstahl from atop her perch outside the airship)

I'm Helping! (for Ichiro to soak some of the damage from the lightning and protect Malcolm)

Kawaii (for Ichiro to attract attention and get help with boarding)

Nirvana Class Smartphone (Invoked via Signature Item to identify Aislin Newell by name and occupation)

People Need Me (to help Aislin bear the strain of keeping the vacuum seal on the ship and not panic)

Scavenging and Scrounging (to expertly break down the climate control machinery with minimal problems and maximum production of spare parts)

Speedy Little Scamps (to successfully grab hold of Amaya/Akiko before they could escape)

Panicked (to prevent Aislin from realizing it is safe for her to release the vacuum seal effect and rest)


The Demon of Vacuum - Allowed Aislin to create the spells protecting the ship. Also allows for her contacting Nirvana telepathically.

Inter-Shard MacGuyver - Allowed for the knowledge of circles and sorcery Aislin used to improvise circles with blood and tattooing. Also gave her the basic mathematical knowledge of how the cosmology works.

Bravura Academy Robotics Club - Allowed for Amaya to know what was needed to vacuum proof the ship.

Nirvana Class Cell Phone - Allows Malcolm to speak to Nirvana citizens.

Second in Command - Gives Rudyard lots of pull with all the people on the ship as well as have a good idea of the ship's layout.

World Class Gumshoe - Allows Malcolm to pick up on clues and emotional cues most people miss.

Intense Electrical Field - Allowed for the interference with electronic communications and the lightning bolt striking the ship and through the corridors.

In the Void - Allowed for the interference with Aislin's telepathic and Malcolm's rune-phone connection to Nirvana. Denies the use of any non-telepathic contact with Earth or other inhabited shards.



Aislin - Panicked (Major mental), Sliced Open (Major Physical), Shocked (Minor Physical), Treated Cut (Sliced Open after medical treatment)

Ichiro/Amaya/Akiko - Broken Seal (Minor Chakra consequence), Shocked (Major Physical), Treated Electrical Burns (Shocked after medical treatment)

Malcolm - Zapped (Minor Physical)


Broken Climate Control

Not Vacuum Ready - Resolved

Tattooed Three-Point Circles

Inset Three-Point Blood Circles - Burned Out

Minor Panic - One guy running around causing problems

One Percenters, You Be You

Intense Electrical Field - Left on Earth

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