Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Shiny Red Candy-Like Button - Airship Lost - Session Three Gameplay Notes

I ended up not compelling as many Aspects this session this time. This was the first Significant Milestone meaning that the party received 11 XP here. My original thought was that they would encounter some monsters rather than civilized people and then they would find enough stuff to scavenge to give their ship some decent navigation and ability to detect shards at range. Instead, they've come to the conclusion that this city-sized shard with an unknown number of supernatural predators would make a nice base of operations that they could fix and steer it around in their quest for home. So now they plan to use the Sol Suna for basically patrolling around the shard...once they make it safer to inhabit.


Fun at Any Cost - To encourage Akiko to push a button.

Urd Likes Me - Compelled when Lydia had a minor flub in her desire magic to cause her to become Sexy-Urd

Unsure of her Limits - Compelled when Lydia rolled low to cause her to accidentally take the form of one of Reynold's desires.

Walking Disaster Area - Compelled to accelerate the homonculus generating process after Akiko pressed buttons.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Breathe - By many to help hurt the rhino.

Bullet to the Knee - To help hurt the rhino.

Gutted - By many to help hurt the rhino.


Absolutely Stunning - By Lydia to give further impact to shouting at Akiko about pushing buttons.

Illusory Fire - By Akiko to scare the rhino, which eventually caused it to take a smaller and less armored form.

Hold Action - By Lydia to take action out of turn and gain bonus to the roll.

Piracy Deterrents - By Rudyard to say that there was a military level armory on the ship.

Trained by Artemis and Aphrodite - By Lydia to recognize a sorcery-based animal cloning/breeding facility.

Demon of Vacuum - By Aislin to create the vacuum effects.

The Tongue is Mightier than the Sword - By Lydia to give further impact to shouting at Akiko.

Kawaii - By Akiko to keep from gaining blame from the other party members.

Favorite Daughter - By Lydia to try and remember how to work steerage that she's not trained in.

Scavenging and Scrounging - By Amaya to help her dismantle the burned out circles in steerage and dismantle the homonculus ritual circles.

To Protect and Serve - By Reynolds to help damage the rhino.


Inter-Shard MacGuyver - Allows Aislin to create the tether at the end of the session and help the Sol Suna re-orient to the shifting shard.

The door is ajar - Allows Amaya/Akiko to slip in the room. Allows Reynolds and Rudyard to pry it open.

Tight Fit - Prevents anybody but Akiko from slipping through without using teleportation or prying the door open.

Size-Shifting Rhinoceros Monster - Allows the rhino to change shape.

Ashvattha Phone - Allows communication between Reynolds and either Aislin or Lydia.

Wannabe Psyche Secretary - Allows for Akiko/Amaya to understand enough about circles to dismantle them usefully and safely.


Guilty Conscience - Inflicted on Amaya by Lydia.

Forest Fires - Applied to the shard after Lydia's attempt to shut down the steerage went a little badly.

Pryed Open - Applied to the door by Rudyard and Reynolds

Bullet(s) to the Knee - Applied to the rhino by Rudyard

Gutted - Applied to the rhino by Lydia

Choking - Applied to the rhino by Aislin via her Hazard zone.

Startled - Applied to the rhino when it failed to recognize the fire as an illusion.


In Space, No one can hear you breathe - Created by Aislin to suffocate the rhinoceros monster. Recreated in a larger degree to clear the facility of gas and delay the biological cleansing.

Illusory Fire - Created by Akiko to scare off the rhino.

Cat-Sized - Created by the rhino to help dodge past the illusory fire and into the next room.

Hold Action - Created by Lydia to give her ability to act whenever she wanted with benefit.

(Wait for it) - Created by Lydia. () Indicates a one-round boost rather than a sustained aspect.

Additional Dakka - Created by Detective Reynolds for bringing more weapons to the group.

Reinforcements - Created by Detective Reynolds to convince Captain Fry to send more men down with him.

Defensive Position - Created by Rudyard to create advantages against the rhino.

Akiko Pushed a Button - Created by Akiko with her Shenanigans and Hijinks advantage to allow her to perform maneuvers even when not present to represent helpful Rube-Goldberg-like incidents that develop due to her earlier mischief.

Taser-Net - Created by Akiko via her Akiko Pushed a Button aspect.

Fire Extinguisher - Created by Akiko via her Akiko Pushed a Button aspect

Biological Cleansing - Created as a cost when Akiko was dismantling the homonculus ritual circles.

Momentary Telepathic Earworm - From Detective Reynolds using his phone to contact Aislin. Apparently the phone's creator was a fan of "banana phone."

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