Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Patricia Althius - Vampiric Veteran - City of Mists

Patricia Althius is a character I created for a grittier than average Mutants and Masterminds game that never ended up happening. She then became the first of a set of four protagonists I had in mind for a visual novel idea. She is also the inspiration of two separate versions of a vampiric D&D 5e character in my theoretical D&D 5e builds page

Since then, the City of Mists RPG has been come on to the scene and proved an excellent match for the character and her themes. My regular group is eager to try out this game and we're thinking of doing a bit of a round robin GMing situation where I GM one story and then someone else GMs another. We're looking at potentially two of us GMing the setting so far. In hopes of this happening, I'm building her a campaign report page and character journal.

I might also post up theorized stats for the other four protagonists from that visual novel idea in City of Mists. Key-13 is already statted a bit and has art I like. Unfortunately, the art for Kimiko and Maia didn't come out the way I wanted so if I stat them, they'll likely be without art. Anyway, on to Patricia.


Oh, hey. I don't suppose I exactly match your idea of a vampire, do I?

Well, sure in some ways.

I do have that presence and appearance of aristocratic beauty going for me. Pale, skin, golden hair, full lips, the fancy nails that look like I spend a fortune at the manicurist.

You have no idea how hard I worked to break that image before and then this happens and I'm more fragile princess than I've ever been before.

I suppose you might also see the fangs and the red cast that hangs over my blue eyes. I bet you're also aware that any manicurist that took a file to these oh so pretty claws would find them scratching her file rather than the other way around.

See that guy, over there? He doesn't see those things. He sees the gorgeous fantasy princess body dressed in camo-pants and a tank-top. But to him, my eyes are deepest blue, my skin is alabaster, and my hair gold with none of the hanging shadows you probably see. He probably thinks I'm some daddy's girl playing paramilitary.

In any case, aristocratic beauty aside, vampires aren't supposed to go grocery shopping. Sorry to disappoint, but I still have to eat. Granted, my steaks are a lot more rare, and finding recipes for blood sausage or blood pudding is a thing, but yeah, I eat.

How did I get this way? Nobody bit me, if that's what you're thinking. My best thought is it has to do with an ancient tomb I fell into while I was in The War.

That was literal. The ground caved in and dumped me and a few others. We very literally fell into an undiscovered tomb.

The corkboard created by Kelsey's Player, Branwen Gillen

Patricia's conspiracy map, representing her worldview. Polaroids by Branwen Gillen


Dreams of Corruption and Pursuit - GM: Jadis Smith
The Greek Princess - GM: Branwen Gillen
The Candlestick Disturbance - GM: Luke Green
Next Case - GM: Branwen Gillen

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