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Gorgon Archer - Shadowrun 5th Edition: Life Modules - Character Creation Analysis

Character Creation and the Gorgon Archer

I was going to just stick to the default version of character creation for Shadowrun, but I decided that the Life Modules version would be interesting to run as well. Shadowrun is interesting as a game in the way that has three very distinct from each other character creation methods. In this case we're going to be focused on the Life Modules optional method.

This is a life path style of character creation similar to what you find in use with Star Trek Adventures. It is a rather interesting style of character creation that I don't really see often enough. Certainly you'll find elements of life path creation in other games such as the choices of clan and school or nation and background in L5R and 7th Sea or the Backgrounds of D&D 5E. 

In the Shadowrun method, you are given 750 Karma and start out by choosing your metatype and whether or not you are magically active. Each metatype and type of magical activity costs a set amount of Karma. You then proceed to select packages of skills, attributes, and qualities for different stages of life. The three sets of these packages has a set Karma cost.
  • Nation of Birth - The Run Faster book only comes with modules related to North American nations. - 15 Karma
  • Formative Years - 40 Karma
  • Teen Years - 50 Karma
After the teen years you pick up a Further Education package which includes the following:
  • Community College - 55 Karma
  • Ivy Leage/Prestigious College - 80 Karma
  • Military Academy - 115 Karma
  • State University - 65 Karma
  • Trade School/Technical College - 40 Karma
Then comes the collection of Further Education the game calls Real Life. This is the only section where you can take multiple packages, but you can't take the same package twice. Each module in this section costs 100 Karma and is considered to represent 4 years of life. Skills can go up to 7 with these, but not higher and excess points are funneled to other skills of the same linked Attribute.

The last step you do is to take what's left over from your Karma and spend it to fill in on the rest of your character concept.

Gorgon Archer

Human - 0 Karma
SURGE Class III (30 Karma)
Adept (20 Karma)

Nation - Tir Tairngire (15 Karma)
Languages: Sperethiel (N), English 2
Attribute: Charisma +1
Skills: Etiquette +1, Knowledge: History +1, Street Knowledge: Tir Tairngire +1, Computer +2
Qualities: SINner (5)

Formative Years - Military Brat (40 Karma)
Attributes: Strength +1, Reaction +1
Quality: Uncouth (14)
Skills: Negotiation +1, Perception +1, Professional Knowledge: Military +3, Interest Knowledge: Military History +2
Skill Groups: Close Combat skill group +2

Teen Years - Magical Education: Adept (50 Karma)
Languages: Language (Any: English) +2
Attributes: +1 Willpower, +1 Charisma
Skills: Arcana +2, Academic Knowledge: Magical Theory +5, Academic Knowledge: Foci Construction +4, Academic Knowledge: Parazoology +4, Academic Knowledge: Magical History +4
Skill Groups: Stealth +1
Qualities: Corporate Limited SIN (15) - replaces SINner (5)

Further Education - Military Academy: Medicine (115 Karma)
Attributes: Body +1, Strength +1, Reaction +1
Skills: Leadership +1, Unarmed Combat +1, First Aid +1, Navigation +1, Swimming +1, Academic Knowledge: Military History +2, Professional Knowledge: Military +3, Academic Knowledge: Medicine +6, Chemistry +1
Skill Groups: Firearms Group +1, Biotech Group +2
Qualities: Military Rank (20)

Real Life - Tour of Duty: Tir Tairngire Ghost (100 Karma)
Attributes: Agility +1, Strength +1, Willpower +1
Skills: First Aid +1, Navigation +1, Unarmed Combat +1, Professional Knowledge: Peacekeepers +4, Armorer +1, Blades +1, Demolitions +1, Free-Fall +1, Perception +1, Pilot Ground-Craft +1, Pilot Watercraft +1, Sneaking +1, Survival +1
Skill Groups: Firearms Group +1

Real Life - Tour of Duty: Tir Tairngire: Medical Corp  (100 Karma)
Attributes: Agility +1, Strength +1, Logic +1
Skills: First Aid +1, Navigation +1, Unarmed Combat +1, Professional Knowledge: Peacekeepers +4
Skill Group: Biotech Group +2, Firearms Group +1

Remaining Karma: 280 (Spent on: Agility +3, Magic +5, Reaction +1, Intuition +3, Archery 5, Mentor Spirit, Nuyen 10,000)

Body: 2
Agility: 6/7 (Improved Attribute)
Reaction: 4/6 (Improved Reflexes)
Strength: 5
Willpower: 3
Logic: 2
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 3
Edge: 2
Magic: 6
Essence: 6

Initiative: 10+3d6

Physical Limit: 6/7 (Improved Potential)
Mental Limit: 4
Social Limit: 5

Physical Boxes: 9
Stun Boxes: 10

Magic: Adept

Adept Powers (6 pts): Improved Reflexes 2 (2.5), Enhanced Accuracy: Archery (0.25), Combat Sense 2 (1), Improved Potential: Physical (1), Improved Physical Attribute: Agility 1 (1), Danger Sense 1 (0.25), Improved Ability: Archery 1 (Mentor Bonus)

Positive Qualities: Military Rank (20), Mentor Spirit: Wise Warrior (5), SURGE Class III
Negative Qualities: Uncouth (14), Corporate Limited SIN (15)

SURGE Positive Qualities: Fangs (4), Natural Venom: Moderate, Injected (5), Low-Light Vision (4)
SURGE Negative Qualities: Unusual Hair (3), Scales (5), Critter Spook (5)

Arcana 2
Archery 5/6 (Improved Ability)
Armorer 1
Computer 2
Demolitions 1
Free-Fall 1

Perception 2
Pilot Watercraft 1
Pilot Ground-Craft 1

Athletics Skill Group
Swimming 1

Biotech Skill Group
Cybertechnology 4
First Aid 6
Medicine 4

Close Combat Skill Group
Blades 3
Clubs 2
Unarmed Combat 5

Firearms Skill Group
Automatics 3
Longarms 3
Pistols 3

Influence Skill Group
Etiquette 1
Leadership 1
Negotiation 1

Outdoor Skill Group
Navigation 2
Survival 1

Stealth Skill Group
Disguise 1
Palming 1
Sneaking 2

Knowledge Skills
Academic Knowledge: Foci Construction 4
Academic Knowledge: History 1
Academic Knowledge: Magical History 4
Academic Knowledge: Magical Theory 5
Academic Knowledge: Medicine 6
Academic/Interest Knowledge: Military History 4
Academic Knowledge: Parazoology 4
Professional Knowledge: Peacekeepers 8
Professional Knowledge: Military 6
Street Knowledge: Tir Tairngire 1

Sperethiel (N)
English 4

Tir Tairngire Officer - Loyalty 4, Connection 3
Doctor - Loyalty 2, Connection 1

Bow - Rating 5, Accuracy 6/7 (Enhanced Accuracy), Damage: 7P
40 Rating-5 Arrows
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit - Armor Rating 9
Actioner Buisness Suit

Lifestyle: Low (3 Months)

Nuyen: 1,600

Priority Chart Version of the Shadowrun: Gorgon Archer
Point Buy Version of the Shadowrun Gorgon Archer
Character Advancement
Character Creation and the Gorgon Archer

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