Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Uncounted Calamities - Airship Lost - Session Four and Five Gameplay Discussion

The characters set about preparing to make the shard habitable and safe, but first it's time to clean up a little bit of a mess made in the first session.

Session Five Game Mat

Session Four Game Mat
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As a note, I have waited way too long before writing this report. Also note that I have had two sessions since the last time I wrote a report. I may have some difficulty remembering all the Aspects used. We've had some various difficulties including the fact that one player got a new job and Daylight Savings hit both America and Australia but not in the same way, making it difficult for everybody to be on at together at what would be a reasonable time. As such, we've lost Detective Reynolds from the cast, at least as a PC. That said, I was happy with how the adventure came together overall. I'm still wondering if I may have brought Yakyou in too early, but this presented a useful thing to do when we had two people missing for session four.

As a note, I should probably have hit more mental attacks in this one to account for the weirdness that a lot of people had to deal with.


Yakyou, Kitsune Godmother - To account for the appearance of Yakyou

Deaf to All But the Song - To blind Aislin to consequences.

Trust in the Squad - To soothe his suspicions on arriving at the illusory Sol Suna

Moral to a Fault - Rewarded when he protected Amaya at his cost.

Fragment of Vacuum - To destroy part of the illusory Sol Suna and endanger allies.

Suddenly disappearing Floors - To drop people through the illusion.

Honesty is the Best Policy - Rewarded for admitting she was calling on Akiko before changing


Incorrible Trickster - To help in repurposing Yakyou's illusions

Deaf to All but the Song - To ignore distractions

Desires Laid Bare - To Pick out real people from the illusions

Second in Command - To help recognize illusory crew members and passengers.

Trained by Artemis and Aphrodite - To recognize various beasts.

Favorite Daughter - To understand theories on sorcery.

Unsure of her Limits - To perform better than she expected.


Illusory Sol Suna - To justify various weirdness in the second ship.

The Endless Ruin of Uncounted Calamities - To allow Yakyou to project illusions in the vicinity of Amaya/Akiko without being there

Tethered to the Shard - To allow for travel by helicopter between the Sol Suna and the shard

In the Void - Limits communication between the Immortals and Ashvattha

More than Smoke and Mirrors - To allow Akiko to adjust Yakyou's illusions

Live Long, See it all - To give Aislin the chance to recognize who Yakyou is.


Stigmata of the Eyes - On Aislin from straining her powers.


Echoes of Hunger

Standing Guard

Suddenly disappearing floors

Helicoptering Tails

Illusions imbued with intent

Tracking Circle

My body wants oxygen

Everyone can breathe

(Remember your training, young Padawan)

(Person who will judge me if I mess up)

Empowering Circle

(Aid with the circle)

(Deceived Illusions)

Get to the Chopper

Editted Propulsion System

Fragment of Vacuum

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