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The Hymns of Goblins - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 2

Character Journal 

The First Hymn of Goblins

The morning came to see the heroes' humble beginnings; they foray into the wilds.
This I assert as one who traveled in their company; my body tense for the fight.
It extends; it reaches; it encompasses; all my sight beyond with uncharted vastness.
I have been shown such wide and glorious sights beyond the calculations of kin.
Let them but open their eyes and see the beauty of the world and its people.
Tikzotl's hate and hunger imprisons them in the sickly sweet miasma of his rot.
And I shall take my first steps to raise them up out of his shadow.

The Second Hymn of Goblins

The clan of goblins camped not far away with guards posted beyond their tents.
This I assert as one who spoke to their number; granting us audience.
It rasps; it growls; it tears; at the throat with harsh and violent sounds.
I have been granted knowledge of this speech by Nene's magnificent gift.
Let Xirena's blessing be upon her brow and her city in all the coming days.
The chief stood worried and pacing bereft of kin by a second clan of goblins.
And I shall do my part in recovering his daughter from her captivity.

The Third Hymn of Goblins

A likeness of Xirena's crashing wave rose over the horizon as we traveled.
This I assert as one who saw it standing amidst the glaciers icy grasp.
It rises; it folds; it holds; sheltering all beneath its blessed stone waters.
I have been granted witness to this miracle of my lady's favor.
Let her grant forgiveness for the violence that I must now shed within.
The goblins stand unbending and resolute in their admitted malice.
And I shall do what I can to consecrate this place in her name.

The Fourth Hymn of Goblins

The troll comes out of the dark tied in ropes and filled with bloodlust.
This I assert as one who faced the fury of its hunger in the cave's mouth.
It bites; it gnashes; it claws; and it does not keep injuries long.
I have been granted the blessing of surviving its primal wrath.
Let it run far and away; from city and soul that might slake its thirst.
The goblins held this creature enslaved and mayhap birthed its madness.
And I shall add this ill deed to the list that they have created.

The Fifth Hymn of Goblins

The troll keepers stand as barriers to our purpose at hand.
This I assert as one who heard the clatter of their spears.
They stab; they aim; they slash; against Anchor's hefty tide.
I have been tasked the role of mending the injuries thus made.
Let Xirena grant me the fullness of her compassion to undo this harm.
The guardians give no choice but fight or flee in this confrontation.
And I shall fight as there are already many more lives at stake.

The Sixth Hymn of Goblins

The caverns were filled with a ramshackle of huts and shacks.
This I assert as one who has walked between those alleys.
It creaks; it clutters; it conceals; goblins dwelling within this town.
I have been faced with the task of speaking to these foes.
Let them please at last see the reason and chance found in peace.
They face no less than death in war should they persist.
And I shall not bend from the necessity of being the weapon.

The Seventh Hymn of Goblins

The second chief gloats in his position uncaring for his plight.
This I assert as one who has parlayed with him in the stone wave.
He threatens; he taunts; he slights; carrying his hostage before him.
I have been witness to his malevolence and dishonorable ways.
Let Xirena favor my actions to cleanse this place of such sin.
He is a fool and a violent thug leading his people to blood.
And I shall endeavor to see these depredations come to an end.

The Eighth Hymn of Goblins

The ballistae released their shafts as the heroes turn the bend.
This I assert as one who has seen the damage they have wrought.
It cranks; it holds; it aims; the strings and ropes taut with intent.
I have been the one to burn the wood of their murderous make.
Let the chief see the folly of his evil in the failure of his trap.
Xirena has granted me the fire of the heavens to call to hand.
And I shall use it as he has left us with only battle as resolution.

Character Journal 

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