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The Hymns of Escorts - Celtic Wolf's Campaign - Session 4

Character Journal

The First Hymn of Escorts

The Veiled Lady of Phane called agents to her company to discuss a task.
This I assert as one of those called to the meeting in her abode.
She explained; she described; she requested; of us to head into the woods.
I have met her daughter who would be our guide into the fey realms.
Let our travels be quick and safe that our task might come to smooth conclusion.
Grace's comrades impart a quick sense of awe in those she is about to guide.
And I shall endeavor not to step on any tails or paws of giant lions or wolves.

The Second Hymn of Escorts

Nene and Grace warned that we should leave behind anything of iron make.
This I assert as one who received these warnings within the study of her office.
We counted; we examined; we replaced; our inventory with appropriate fare.
I have replaced two daggers with blades of glass and a knife with a blade of bone.
Let the residents of Nakatari see that we mean no harm to them or theirs.
Nene has sought to connect with Azu's mother but been blocked by the woods.
And I shall need to bring the message entirely myself along the way.

The Third Hymn of Escorts

Grace took the heroes by the path to the edge of the enchanted Hylat Wood.
This I assert as one who walked through the abandoned camp of dust and rust.
We searched; we read; we gathered; clues of a riddle left by those now gone.
I have read eight slips of paper hidden among tools and debris left open to the sky.
Let our pockets always be so easily filled by the remains of old debts lost.
Empty camps stand as a testimony to the dangers that lay as we walk into the trees.
And I shall take my care with step by step, watching each way that I can.

The Fourth Hymn of Escorts

Grace gave us a list of objects of hazards many, mundane, and magical.
This I assert as one whose worry guided her many missteps along the path.
I watched; I waited; I worried; so about the hazards she presented.
I have been guided back upon the path many times out of a stumble.
Let my mind settle calmly into a state between worry and obliviousness.
The way that is must be watched as thoroughly as the way that might be.
And I shall endeavor to keep that thought in mind from this point forward.

The Fifth Hymn of of Escorts

The druid became concerned in the path under the woods as we traveled.
This I assert as one who has been shown the changes of her hair's shade.
She fretted; she hemmed; she laughed; the worries under a thin veil.
I have felt as we walked the sticky threads of silk laid down in a trap.
Let the ettercaps that lay in wait for us beware the danger they tread upon.
Vile beasts that devour the helpless give us no chance to offer mercy.
And I shall endeavor to keep the way safe for others who follow behind.

The Sixth Hymn of Escorts

Grace was wrapped in a paralysis of personal terror as we were set upon.
This I assert as one who weathered the assault of fangs and webs.
They wound; they wrapped; they choked; us with in their predatory threads.
I have set Cualtzin to and fro across the field to aid myself and others.
Let my blessings from Xirena last long enough to keep my comrades alive.
Anchor toils with the strangling threads of a ravening killer.
And I shall endeavor to stave off the slavering jaws of would be devourers.

The Seventh Hymn of Escorts

The bard's laughter fills one of the foes to bursting and laying him low.
This I assert as one who watched from the tangles of the sticky strands.
They bite; they gnash; they claw; to rend our flesh and drain our blood.
I have seen Naps fall twice to the terrible persistence of our foe.
Let his efforts see us and him through to the end and out the other side.
Cualtzin shall do a prepare and boop the tabaxi on the snoot a second time.
And I shall not lay fire in the webbed pine branches about me.

The Eighth Hymn of Escorts

Azu manifested a shimmering aura of fire that did not burn.
This I assert as one whose strikes have been guided by it's flames.
They dance; they jump; they line; upon our foes in the darkness.
I have seen them try to bat at the flicker in hopes to put it out.
Let enemies ever fail to see through our stratagems and skills.
Anchor battered our foes with the heavy grip of his glaive.
And I shall flail about and bring our battle to an end by luck.

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