Friday, May 25, 2018

Fallen Tower of Towers - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 1 - Scion 2nd Edition

"So what's it like on the other side?" Taba asked. "I've been doing paperwork."

"Pretty cool so far. There were giant lizards one of them snuck up on me."

"That's not really an impressive feat, Hilde." Taba smirked as the golden-haired young woman rolled her eyes and shook her head in response.

"Anyway," Hilde noted. "There's a tower in there. Or there was a tower in there and it looks like they were building a tower out of Japanese radio towers."

"So, it was a tower of Tokyo towers?" Taba asked. "That seems to be asking for Fate to mess things up."

"Add to that it seems like the people in there were trying to build a tower to heaven at the behest of something like a robot god."

"There are robot gods now?"

Hilde shrugged non-noncommittally.

"So anyway, they asked me to climb up to get a better look at things around and while I was up on the hill the lizard attacked me. There was another lizard down below and the tech-witch ran over it with the hovercraft. I saw the aftermath. It was impressively gory."

"So like, air blasted it into submission?"

"If by submission you mean torn to shreds, yeah. All I did was toss mine off the cliff and came down to get bandaged up by our medic. Then we just looked for the tracks of the other team and tracked them down. Which brought us to the village of warrior women."

"There was a village of Amazons?"

"Well. They spoke Greek, but they weren't Amazons. At all. Just people. They talked about how they were being led to heaven by something named Cam-Ra."

Taba stared at her incredulously.

"They have cameras and bits of lens all over the place on that village. It's really as Thundar the Barbarian as you're thinking."

"Huh, who knew that old cartoons could be useful."

"I know, right? So anyway, there was a lot of talking and then their leader did a flashy thing to blind people and Solveig shot up the village, so I knocked over a tower on the warriors."

"You knocked over a tower, really?"

"It was just a watchtower and it was already really damaged," Hilde commented. "So I just sort of shoulder checked it where it was deciding whether or not fall."

"Ohhhh, that explains all the bruises I saw you guys come in with. You buried everybody in debris."

"It was awesome! The shaman died, but she struck me as really shifty."

"The villagers had some of the crew captive though including a third identical red-head," the golden-haired Aesir noted. "The rest of the crew has apparently been taken captive by....gear people?"

Hilde shrugged helplessly.

"So rescue part two!"

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