Friday, June 1, 2018

Mecha-Joe Young - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 2

"Wow," Taba said as they scanned across the landscape from inside the hovercraft. "This place is something else. There's cameras everywhere!"

"Yeah, I told you, they like worship cameras." Hilde said into the radio mic she was wearing.

"Why are you outside again?" the black-eyed djinn asked.

"Zeusdottir is a jeep, jeeps go on the deck. They are not allowed in the cockpit." The dark-haired pilot noted calmly.

"A jeep?" Taba asked questionably.

"I through my axe in the locker room, apparently that makes me a danger to the cockpit," Hilde said casually with a shrug.

"Hey, where's the old guy?"

"He's repairing the village you guys tore apart," one of the red-heads noted. Maybe Lauren...maybe Hayley. Hard to say.

The hovercraft passed on further into the city and the image of a dark figure appeared ahead of them sort of twitching.

"Uhhh...there's a slenderman ahead," Hilde called up, causing Taba to twist the camera around again to catch the figure in the frame.

The hovercraft continued moving ahead as people watched the figure, a sort of clockwork thing whose head had been removed and replaced with a camera. Now it seemed to be just sort of in a seizure of sorts.

"It looks like our camera-worshiping friends have lobotomized it," Solveig noted as she turned back to the road. "It should be fine."

The seizure-wracked automaton passed them by in its position on the old highway when a burst of power passed over the hovercraft and all the electronics just died, sending the vehicle running on just its momentum with little to no steering.

"Everyone strap in!" Solveig called out. "The jeep is allowed in the cockpit for this."

"Taba film it!" Hilde shouted as she waited to time her leap with a bump in the road to send her flying ahead to catch a hold of a street light. Taba was already ahead of her, holding down with one hand while holding the camera in the other.

"Why is that your first response?!" the kid with the pretty face and fish out of water attitude shouted as the Aesir swung about on the pole and smoothly leapt back in through the door into the cockpit.

As the hovercraft slammed into the edge of the highway overpass, Solveig struggled to get any sort of response out of the vehicle with its computers down. Hilde wedged into position to hold Taba safe, but the Theoi pilot launched out of the window and tumbled down to the lower ground.

Taba followed the woman's path in the camera catching the moment when she suddenly realized that falling was going to hurt and not just be an inconvenience. As they stopped, Lauren and Hayley immediately moved to the edge, with Lauren taking up one of the .50 cals and firing it down into the area below and Hayley firing a pistol with apparently amazing accuracy.

Hilde made sure Taba was fine and turned to Hayden, unholstering her pistol.

"Okay, so I'm not the best shot with this thing so you're probably just as good to use it as me. Don't worry, this is what heroes do. You'll be fine."

Hayden stared blankly at the gun in his hand as Hilde rushed away and Taba followed to get footage of redheads one and three blew away swarms of clockwork robot things giving out a hideously disorienting sound. Hilde moved to the edge and reached down to snatch up Solveig from where she had climbed, one arm dangling weakly at her side.

More of the robots appeared armed with some sort of crossbow like appendage and started taking shots at the group. One almost struck Hilde, pushing her off balance as she deflected the bolt with her axe at the last second while the horde of screaming grasping robots shambled forward.

"What the hell do I do with this?" Hayden demanded, regarding the gun.

"Shooting it seems to work surprisingly," Hayley called back, repeatedly looking at her pistol in disbelief every time she makes a successful strike.

With Lauren and Hayley tearing  apart the crossbow robots, Hilde pushed herself forward to land among the rest of the swarm, immediately feeling herself barraged by a cascade of disorienting sound. Clutching her head and closing her eyes she bore through it until finally releasing her own bellowing war cry that sent the robots reeling and cleared her head.

As the .50 cals ran dry of bullets, the Aesir's cry was answered by a third as a massive clockwork gorilla formed out of the bodies of other robots charged across the battlefield scattering other robots out of the way as he made a beeline for Hilde.

"Go Hilde! You've got this!" Taba shouted.

With a smirk, Hilde moved to bend back waiting for the massive mechanical hand to pass over her body and.....that's when the gorilla's hand gripped around her head and continued it's charge toward building. It's other hand grabbing up her axe in the grip of one of the hands of the smaller robot forming its fingers.

"Oooo, that did not go the way I expected." the djinn noted quietly.

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