Sunday, January 19, 2014

Faith Manages: Dawn of a New Campaign

Hopefully the first of several screencap comic pages based on Babylon 5...but I suck at this and have only REALLY basic software.

Just something I'm toying with a little to do in between working on my writing and teaching stuff.

This is based sort off the idea of two other screencap RPG comics.  I'm not sure how I'll be able to keep up with it, but I actually have five pages already and I'll post them once a week or so until I have a bigger back log.  I'm not really able to afford the software that the other two well known screen cap comics use, I'm basically just using the print screen function and the basic paint program.  So I apologize for the poor visual quality.

The other two screen cap comics were the following and parodied Lord of the Rings and Star Wars respectively.

DM of the Rings:

Darth and Droids:

Now some notes:

DM of the Rings featured an obsessive, railroading DM and players that really hated the campaign because they were pushed into doing things the way the DM wanted them done.

Darths and Droids featured a GM whose carefully planned adventure is derailed almost constantly with details of the world being added by the characters here and there.

Both of those stories used d20 style rules of a sort.

I'm going a different route and going along with something more like a FATE game where the campaigns are often created as a collaborative effort by the players and GM working together and all the players have some level of story control over the way things happen.  There will be a couple of other differences (including having a large number of players) that you'll discover over time if I get this done.


If you want to see my original works, please check here:


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