Sunday, February 23, 2014

Faith Manages 6: You are not the main character

Faith Manages 6: You are not the main character

Yes, there are games out there where you can die in the process of character creation.  For the ultimate amusement, try to track down an ancient PC game, called Darklands.  I think it's a DOS game in fact.  Anyway, the concept is that you play a game in dark ages Germany as the people of the time believed it to be.  In the character creation, you can keep adding professions and professions to push your character's skills higher and higher.

However, if you push TOO high, you die of old age.....before the game begins.

There's a couple of old tabletop RPGs that also make it possible to die in character creation.

And note that I'm not talking about games like Wraith or Vampire where dying is a part of the process of the start of the character's life as an undead thing.

Personally, I feel that killing a character in character creation is a bit of a crappy thing to do.  GMs should tread carefully around this sort of thing.

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