Sunday, March 30, 2014

Faith Manages 10: Voices from the Afterlife

Faith Manages 10: Voices from the Afterlife

There are some people that think player death should always be on the table and encourage the GM to be a sort of George RR Martin gleefully plotting the players' demises in the interest of realism.  But to be perfectly honest there's a lot of problems with this, especially in the initial sessions.

For one thing, realism does not always make for a fun story.  Which isn't to say that you should throw out all physics and logic unless you're playing a superhero setting of some sort, but in a lot of cases death in a story is just rather "blah".  But the realism issue is another rant, let's get to this topic.

If you have a character death, this tends to result in having a player sitting around doing nothing.  Said player gets bored and starts to interrupt the GM's color speech or a player's action or something else.  The same can be said of any player who's just sitting around doing nothing, but with a player who is sans character and possibly feeling just the littlest bit resentful?  Yeah, the reasons not to be an impolite jerk seem to drop for some people rather quickly.

So really, for the sake of your sanity GMs, when death is on the line make sure the players absolutely know about it and are okay with it.

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