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Faith Manages 9: Traditions are Important...

Faith Manages 9: Traditions are Important...

I'm trying out a bit larger text for this, but I'm thinking it might limit how much room I have not that I've tried it, oh well.  I also forgot to color Ivanova's text.  Being somewhat lazy not to go back and fix it, I know.

Anyway, here you go.

There is an age old tradition in RPGs of player character parties responding as if anything or anyone they meet is a potential villain and should be shot or attacked on sight.  The idea is that anybody the GM feels is important enough to talk to you is likely plot important and could be dangerous and worthy shutting down now before things get too terrible.

Of course, that comes from the time when many tables were more about collecting loot and "winning" the game rather than telling a good story.  Now a days, this sort of suspicion is expressed with huge amounts of questions and everybody acting as if they had the best Sense Motive/Empathy rolls ever.

Or perhaps they're actually roleplaying and just really dislike that sort of that person.  Such as Ivanova and Psi-Corp.

Anyway, this comes to the modern phenomena of social combat.  In order to make social interactions with NPCs more interesting and to also potentially force players to accept consequences.  In essence, they have a second set of health or hit points or whatever which they take damage from insults, lies and honey-tongued persuasion. 

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