Thursday, September 25, 2014

Divine Blood Psychics and Colors

A lot of the New Agers that think they know about psychic phenomena tend to spout off a lot of theories that have no basis in fact.  One of the popular theories is about the power that color has to make stuff happen. This is especially the case with individuals claiming to be feng shui shih but really haven't studied with anybody credible. At most, colors are indicators rather than causes.

Hair and Eye Colors

Families with a long history of psychic ability have tendency to be born with unusual hair and eye colors.  This is a result of minor mutations to the genetic code. For the most part, these aren't really an indicator of anything more than a family history.  It is also more common among families of Talents than sorcerers since Talents are born with abilities and sorcerers train to have theirs.

That said, some specific Talents also express common combinations of colorations.  Death-seers are one of the most distinctive: eyes are always red; skin is either almost white or almost black; and their hair is either brilliant red, pure white or deepest black. 

A less stand-out example would be individuals with Life-Force sight, the earliest and least trained individuals with that Talent have deep-blue eyes.  Even if it is a brighter and deeper blue than could be considered normal, this hardly a unique eye color among psychics.  Life-Force sight usually develops late in the life of mortals, even in families that possess it, so it takes awhile for the blue to come in.  Individuals with more control and development of the ability have eyes that tend to shift to a deeper color.  It is now known that the end result is a unique purple shade.  Psyche knows of one person who has seemingly fully developed the ability: Mao Semezou.  The fact that she is only 36 years old, younger than the ability even appears in most people, is curious to many.

Psychics and non-humans usually use dyes and cosmetic contacts or sunglasses to conceal these hair and eye colors, but recent generations have started to become slack in this.  This is especially true since modern genetic techniques have allowed people to acquire similarly unusual hair colors without a history of psychic ability.

Life-Force Color

Each species has Life-Force in a specific range of colors. Human Chi is a vibrant green, Godly Mana is bright blue, Demonic Vitae is a fiery red.  Other species have various other colors that their Life-Force takes on. 

Individuals who have frequently modified themselves via shaping rituals can sometimes find their Life-Force shifting away from the color they were born as, which most psychics consider to be a change of species.

Residual Life-Force can be forced to become more visible by certain shaping rituals, so knowledge of colors can be used to identify the species of certain witnesses. Assuming the vast amount of human chi in the environment doesn't wash it out first.

In addition, the use of High Magic leaves traces of either Mana or Vitae around depending on the source of the spell that was cast. This has different characteristics from the presence of an actual Demon or God, but since most people assume Demons and Gods are non-physical entities, few individuals pick up on the differences and simply assume the presence of a magus when they discover Vitae or Mana.

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