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Virtuacon Divine Blood Games: A Butterfly's Wings

Psyche has many functions among the supernatural population of Earth.  Most frequently they serve to support the population, but they also act as law enforcement when there is a need.

Psyche has its beginnings in 1815 when a convention of psychics and non-humans from around the world gathered in Beijing to created a standardized lexicon and share techniques and knowledge about psychic phenomena.  Some of the more powerful families and groups began to unofficially cooperate more often in providing support to the community.

Where Psyche has influence, the civilian population of psychics and non-humans has grown tremendously.  The need for martial knowledge has dropped as they have become more sheltered by those willing to fight for them to have greater peace.

Psyche's actual agents and members are actually very small in number, but they have a close operation with several of the most influential of the sorcerer families as well as maintaining lists of independent psychics and scholars all over the world.  This ranges from run of the mill exorcists who mostly work to remove naturally occurring curses to freelance channellers fully trained for combat.

At the moment, Psyche is trying prepare the world for the supernatural population to once again go public.  However, they are concerned that with the sudden rise in population of psychics and non-humans (both what they can track and what they suspect is happening), that their methods are proceeding too slowly.


Butterflies is a slang term for freelance psychics who are currently working for Psyche.  This is because Psyche uses an ancient type of talisman consisting of paper imbedded with powdered quartz.  A message is written on the paper, folded up and then a person concentrates on a person's face and name until the paper is triggered.  The paper then takes on the appearance of a butterfly and flits into thin air appearing at the location of the person visualized.

Most jobs coming from Psyche are day-to-day issues and even boring.  Psyche has a public existence though few people believe they have real psychics on their pay roll (much less that the majority of their membership are psychics).  As such, there's a lot of consultations with scholars, TV appearances, removing curses and so on.

More dangerous tasks do occur, of course.  Occasionally, a curse is found to have been placed deliberately rather than simply occurring as a result of natural circumstances.  In this case, someone needs to investigate to find the witch (the accepted term for someone who mis-uses their skills or talents).  Psyche also recruits people to investigate sightings of monsters, on the off chance that a non-sentient psychic developed, such "beasts" are environmental disasters and can quickly become dangerous to civilization if not handled.  They also act as a middle man for various governments or organizations to hire psychics.

In many cases, where there is a threat to the Community at large, Psyche deploys agents from its secretarial pool, some of the most skilled combat-trained psychics in the world, many of whom are scions of the some of the major sorcerer families.

Character Backgrounds

The characters are trained psychics or non-humans. They may be combat-trained or they may be primarily civilians.  The adventure will be tailored to the characters created.

There are no Visionaries in Psyche, despite the fact that Avalon employs several.  Also note that succubi, dvergr and seraphim are believed to be extinct by Psyche and the Community.  The groups that have returned to Earth mostly have contact with a US Military organization known as Socrates Group which most of the world thinks is a simple think tank of some sort.

Divine Blood Races

Divine Blood Talents

Divine Blood Psychic Skills.

Psychics and Colors 

Fate Accelerated Character Creation 

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