Tuesday, September 23, 2014

General Motors Military Unit 7 - Errant

This is an assault upright roughly fifteen feet tall.  It was originally meant to be a simple upgrade to the armor of the MU-4 Warrior that is in wide use by the US government and a few of their closer allies.  However, during the early tests with the Gawain prototype it began showing unusual performance that Avalon and the development companies connected to it decided bore further attention.


Armor and Reinforced Structure: The Errant is intended to be used in direct combat circumstances and it's structure has been reinforced for that purpose.

Shoulder Mounted Missiles: Like many Avalon designed mecha, the Errant is equipped with a pair of shoulder mounted missiles.  They are heavier than those on the Thestrel and have slightly larger capacity, but are still not primary weapons.

Psychic Tool: Though they do not suspect it, the experimental alloy used the creation of Errant has a very crystalline structure and actually uses elements of quartz in its make up.  This has resulted in the Errant responding to the Chi of pilots and is the cause of the unusual performance results.

External Weapons: Errants generally come equipped with an upright blade and an anti-vehicular cannon.  The cannon resembles a shotgun and the blade resembles a knife.

Optional Loadouts:

Mortar Package: The Errant's shoulder mounted missile launchers are replaced with mortar launchers capable of indirect fire.

Tank-Killer: This is designed to help the Errant take on heavy weapons platforms such as main battle tanks.  There is some sacrifice to maneuverability, but the anti-vehicular cannon and armor are all upgraded.

Shield Knight: The first use of a shield by an upright was by the headhunter Eowyn Desai known as the "Shieldmaiden".  The development teams upgraded her design after she was recruited by Gaetana Trolleti.  The shield knight mod simply represents adding a shield to their external equipment.

Sniper: This represents changes to software and equipment to make it harder to pick up the Errant on electronic sensors and also focus on targeting for critical locations. As such the software designed to help a pilot in a run and gun situation is replaced with a sniper set.  In addition, they are armed with a rail-gun similar to what can be found on heavy tanks.  These weapons are slow to fire but do heavy damage.

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