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Rebuilding for the 5th Edition: Kya'Rei L'Di'Shinabon

Going to try to rebuild some of my older characters for the 5th edition rules.  Starting with a flirty drow priestess.

Now, just to warn people, most of my favorite characters of the past used a lot of optional rules and races.

Because I tend to find the standard array makes for annoying situations, I'm going to use the array the GM in an upcoming 5e campaign has told us to use: 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.  This is approximately 3 points higher than the standard array in the PHB.

To start, let's go with an easy one: Kya'Rei L'Di'Shinabon.

Kya'Rei was a drow character in a homebrewed campaign.  She was a worshipper of "the Maimed Goddess", Elerrina.

Kya'Rei's race and class are relatively easy.  I'll go with her level at the end of the PBEM campaign that she was part of.

Drow Cleric 8/Ranger 2

For ability scores, I'm going to place the starting stuff right now.

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 16

Despite being a cleric, Kya'Rei was far more Charismatic than wise, her elven nature gave her some grace on top of that.  Her Wisdom will go up with her level.  She was a much wiser person at the end of the campaign than she was to start (though her stats didn't really change much in that game).

As an Elf, she has Keen Senses (Perception Proficiency), Fey Ancestry, Darkvision and Trance.  Being drow would normally give her Superior Darkvision and Sunlight Sensitivity, but she'd lived her entire life on the surface, so the GM had removed both of those stats.  She did have her Drow Magic though as well as her Drow Weapon Training.

Those settled, I'll start with her beginning Ranger stuff:

For Skills: Nature, Survival and Stealth

Natural Explorer is automatic

For Favored Enemy, I can't remember what I originally took, so I'll say Beasts.  She didn't have much hate in her, but she certainly had a lot of skill hunting dinner, so focus on animals.

Fighting Style: Archery.  Her goddess has only one hand and thus prefers a sword, but Kya'Rei preferred to stay at a distance.

Spellcasting, hmm, in 3.X Rangers wouldn't have spells this early, so I'll take Hunter's Mark and Animal Friendship as utility type stuff and to model the 3.X animal empathy.

Now that that's handled, on to cleric.

So let's go with a discussion of Elerrina now.

The backstory of the goddess was that she was the twin sister to the evil Goddess that would become the best known deity of the drow in that world.  Said Goddess, whose name I cannot remember, impersonated her sister among Elerrina's faithful and slowly corrupted the church into her worship before trying to take on a rebellion against their father.  Elerrina was initially unaware and naive, but managed to save her father's life by stepping between her sister and her father when the former attempted to assassinate him.  Elerrina's hand was cut off and she retreated into the unknown as her sister was vanquished and forced to retreat.  All assumed Elerrina had died, especially since the majority of her following had been corrupted or killed.  Eventually, however, lone wanderers, unsatisfied with life either in the oppressive underground or in the lone drow surface city, took to the wilds and remembered the worship of Elerrina.

Where once Elerrina was a Goddess of beauty, song and joy, she has become a diety of hunting, determination and survival.

Kya'Rei is a rare drow born to two converts to Elerrina's worship.  Eventually, their wandering nature had led her away from her parents.  Kya'Rei started out as a ranger like her father but eventually felt a strong calling that brought her to an ancient, lost temple of Elerrina which she was called upon to cleanse.  She came out with many scars wrought upon her by the undead within, but also as one of the first true clerics of Elerrina in thousands of years.

In the original campaign, Kya'Rei's domains were Good and Moon.  None of the PHB domains really fit her standard spell-casting types.  Trickery, Nature and Life are close, though the bonus proficiency in Heavy Armor is useless.  Hmm.

The closest is probably Life.

So now, Kya'Rei is a Cleric of Life.

At 8th level she has:

Channel Divinity 2/Rest
Channel: Turn Undead
Channel: Destroy Undead (1 CR)
Disciple of Life
Heavy Armor proficiency
Channel: Preserve Life
Blessed Healer
Divine Strike

She also gets two Ability Score Improvement one of which she applies to Wisdom and the other she uses to get the Skilled Feat.

With the Skilled Feat, she takes Deception, Persuasion and History

And...she has 4 Cantrips.

For her Cantrips, I'll take: Light, Thaumaturgy, Sacred Flame, Spare the Dying

She got none of the Cleric skills when she went into Cleric.

As to background, Acolyte and Outlander both make some sense, but I think she works best as an Acolyte.

One problem I found is that there is no reference for how to treat Saving Throws for multiclass characters, however, because she was mostly a cleric even if she started as a ranger, I'll give Kya'Rei the cleric Save proficiencies.

Kya'Rei's most obvious scar is a line through one of her eyes that looks like it just barely missed taking her eye out entirely.  This is the only scar she prefers not to either acknowledge or talk about.  This is because it was created when she was maintaining her bow and her grip slipped, causing the bow to smack her in the face quite hard.

She tended to be a bit promiscuous once she hit civilization, partially because she was so often alone, rather like a soldier on leave.  However, she was also one of the first to step forward to try and resolve issues without violence.  Eventually, she became the party representative if for no other reason than because she was the only one of the party that didn't respond to NPCs with disdain, distrust, disgust or outright hostility and was pretty cheerful and friendly.  Though she continually got more responsibility in this group than she wanted, which made her feel concerned as to whether this was the way she should be serving her Goddess or not.

Kya'Rei's eventually goal was to establish a stronghold or sanctuary for followers of Elerrina so that they would no longer be wandering alone in the wilds and could start the process of becoming a true culture once again.  This was hampered by the fact that she herself did not very much trust other elves.  Non-drow tended to want to kill her and drow wanted to...well, make her into a spidery monstrosity because she was a "heretic".  She was well aware that her distrust of her own race was going to be an obstacle toward her goals.

Toward the end of the campaign, she acquired an unexpected follower in the form of an over-eager young drow fighter who kept getting herself into trouble that Kya'Rei had to dig her out of.

The end result of Kya'Rei's conversion is as follows:

Kya'Rei L'Di'Shinabon
Drow Cleric of Life 8/Ranger 2
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 16

HP: 56
AC: 15
Proficiency Bonus: +4

Proficient Skills:
Deception (Feat)
History (Feat)
Insight (Acolyte)
Nature (Ranger)
Perception (Elf)
Persuasion (Feat)
Religion (Acolyte)
Stealth (Ranger)
Survival (Ranger)

Proficient Saves: Wisdom, Charisma

Favored Enemy: Beasts
Fighting Style: Archery
Natural Explorer: Forest
Life Domain
Channel Divinity 2/Rest
Channel: Turn Undead
Channel: Destroy Undead
Channel: Preserve Life
Disciple of Life
Blessed Healer
Divine Strike
Ritual Casting
Spellcasting Focus: Holy Symbol

Dancing Lights (Drow)
Light (Cleric)
Sacred Flame (Cleric)
Spare the Dying (Cleric
Thaumaturgy (Cleric)

Spell Slots:
1st - 4
2nd - 3
3rd - 3
4th - 3
5th - 1 (can't cast 5th level spells yet)

Ranger Spells Known: Animal Friendship, Hunter's Mark

Longbow +1
Longsword +1
Cloak of Elven Kind (Crafted by her) - Advantage on Stealth
Mithril Chain Shirt
Holy Symbol

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