Monday, October 6, 2014

Elizabeth Audrey - Straight A Mary

Name: Elizabeth Audrey

Defining Aspect: Straight A Mary
Ambition Aspect: Get Into the Best College
Background Aspect: Perfectly Organized Life
Conviction Aspect: Plan Everything
Disadvantage Aspect: No Time For Living

Agility: 2 Endurance: 2 Perception: 2 Strength: 2
Craft: 2 Knowledge: 3 Reasoning: 4 Willpower: 3
Deception: 1 Empathy: 2 Persuasion: 1 Resources: 3
Manipulation: 0 Metabolic: 0 Sensitive: 0

Exceptional Skill Aspect: Practiced at Logic and Reasoning (Reasoning)
Foe Aspect: The Teacher's Golden Child (Persuasion)
Gear Aspect: Cell Phone of Many Academic Apps (Resources)
Help Aspect: Cold and Distant to her Peers (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: Doesn't Relate to People (Empathy)

Expert Advantages:
  • Digital Spider – +2 bonus to rolls involving research online
  • Legal Eagle – +2 bonus on all social interaction or conflict rolls dealing with the law (and school rules).
  • Rational – +2 bonus on all rolls to resist attempts to blind reason with nonsense.

Heroic Advantages:
  • Genius at Work – Once per scene, spend a Fate point to use Reasoning in the place of any other Ability.

Physical Stress: OOOO Mental Stress: OOOOOOO Social Stress: OOOO
Chi Stress: OOO

Refresh: 4

Elizabeth is college bound and she doesn't have much time for anything else. She is what experts in the Gifted and Talented fields would call a self-learner. She completes her assigned homework and any optional credit. When she doesn't have any particular work to do, she creates her own assignments. Because of this, she has very little time for socializing, at least the way she sees it. The only friends she has are the other player characters and has to admit to having some difficulty relating to them often. Elizabeth approaches every rationally and logically. She has emotions, she just doesn't like to let them show. She tends to be proactive about problems, including those that affect those she considers friends. There's enough evidence for her to believe in the existence of psychic abilities, but she really doesn't care about that subject. She has no connections to the supernatural world that she knows about.

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