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Krystal Osprey - Self-Taught Shaper

Name: Krystal Osprey

Defining Aspect: Self-Taught Shaper
Ambition Aspect: To Be a Real Sorceress
Background Aspect: Found an Old Book at a Garage Sale
Conviction Aspect: Clarke's Law All the Way
Disadvantage Aspect: Borderline New Ager

Agility: 2 Endurance: 2 Perception: 2 Strength: 1
Craft: 2 Knowledge: 2 Reasoning: 3 Willpower: 3
Deception: 2 Empathy: 2 Persuasion: 1 Resources: 1
Manipulation: 1 Metabolic: 0 Sensitive: 2

Exceptional Skill Aspect: Mind Built for Shaping (Sensitive)
Foe Aspect: Overlooked by the Cool Kids (Persuasion)
Gear Aspect: Old Sorcerer's Tome (Resources)
Help Aspect: Eccentric but Adorable in the Eyes of Adults (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: Overabundance of Unnecessary Mysticism (Reasoning)

Expert Advantages:
  • Circle Expert – +2 to create, analyze or use circles in regards to psychic Abilities.
  • Bookworm – +2 bonus on all rolls to research while in a library.
  • Digital Spider - +2 bonus on all rolls to research information on a computer network.

Heroic Advantages:
  • Shaping – Shaping Rituals
    • Master Shaper – +2 bonus for casting Rituals and activating Ritual Powers
    • 12 Ritual Points
      • Imbue Zone (6 Points)
        • Additional Properties, Somebody Else's Problem Area(P), Spooky Phenomena(P)
        • Accelerated Ritual, Ritual Rolls take 5 minutes
      • Clairsentience – Astral Projection (6 Points)
        • Tethered Senses – May leave body and travel up to 8 zones away from your body.
        • Clairvoyance – Vision only
        • Invisible Sensor – Her projected body is invisible except to those that can see spirits.
        • Accelerated Ritual, Ritual rolls take 5 minutes
Physical Stress: OOO Mental Stress: OOOOOO Social Stress: OOO
Chi Stress: OOOO

Refresh: 4

Krystal is a brilliant kid with an innate talent for shaping, the ritualistic manipulation of raw Life-Force, though she doesn't have any particular psychic Talent herself. While looking around, she found an interesting old book at a garage sale and purchased it. Since then she's been teaching herself how to use the knowledge in the book. She's looked at as eccentric by most people and she talks rather fast, and is very bright eyed and bushy tailed. She's learned a couple of simple rituals, but most of her practice is still overloaded with unnecessary mysticism that buries the procedures that are actual doing the work.

Warning: Krystal's shaping rituals are probably the most complex system included in these characters.

Using Shaping Rituals: Shaping rituals are performed as a Challenge using three Abilities. Craft, Knowledge and either Sensitive or Manipulative. All three rolls must be completed in order to use the ritual. The Difficulties of each roll are based on what it would cost to purchase the power itself.

For Krystal this is as follows:

  • Somebody Else's Problem Area Ritual
    • Craft Difficulty 5
    • Knowledge Difficulty 5
    • Sensitive Difficulty 6
  • Spooky Phenomena Ritual – Manipulative
    • Craft Difficulty 4
    • Knowledge Difficulty 4
    • Sensitive Difficulty 6
  • Astral Projection Ritual – Sensitive
    • Craft Difficulty 5
    • Knowledge Difficulty 6
    • Sensitive Difficulty 6

All of Krystal's rituals are bought Accelerated so each roll takes her five minutes to make. If she wants to take more time, she can perform maneuvers in order to place Aspects and make each task easier. These can be anything you want, but some suggestions are as follows:

Suggested Maneuvers: Study the Book, Draw an Enhancing Circle, Clean the Ritual Area, Sketch out the circle plan first, Meditate for Focus, Double Check Everything

Each Maneuver on the ritual also takes five minutes. As such, Krystal's rituals take 15 minutes minimum (three Challenge rolls, no Maneuvers) + 5 minutes for every Maneuver she takes to aid the effort.

Note that Krystal gets a +2 bonus on all ritual rolls and if she maneuvers to create any kind of circle, she gets a +2 bonus just from using the circle.

Ceremony: There are two parts to any ritual. There’s the part that is pure technique and predictable result that is the core of the process of both magic and shaping. Then there’s the part that the individual magician or shaper uses to help themselves focus on the desired outcome.
This ceremony is a visualization and focusing tool first and foremost. They are most heavily depended upon by more inexperienced ritualists, but over time they become a sort of habit and still provide some use for even the experts to get in the right state of mind.
Most of Krystal's ceremony is clutter and distraction, but a good roleplay can still earn you a +1 bonus to the ritual rolls.

Failing at the Challenge rolls: Failing at one of the three challenge rolls does not necessarily mean that the ritual will fail. For one thing, you can opt to take a success with serious cost on any of the three rolls. The GM has some suggested serious costs. You can allow the ritual as a whole to fail at any time by simply stopping it without finishing it.

Activating the Power: Once you have completed the ritual, you roll one of your Psychic Abilities to activate the Power. You get a +2 to this roll because of Master Shaper. Failing on these rolls causes you to suffer Chi Stress.

  • Somebody Else's Problem Area – Sensitive Difficulty 4.
  • Spooky Phenomena – Manipulative Difficulty 4
  • Astral Projection – Sensitive Difficulty 6
Ritual Effects:

  • Somebody Else's Problem Area – Creates a Persistent Aspect of Somebody Else's Problem Area(P) on the affected zone. This causes people outside the area to tend to ignore it and look past it. This is great for creating an area of relative privacy, but someone determined to look for you will possibly still look through it.
  • Spooky Phenomena – This creates a Persistent Aspect of Spooky Phenomena(P) on the affected zone. This creates cold spots, floating lights, strange smells and sounds and a general feeling of spookiness. Krystal created this ritual out of her mistakes, but it would be great for a haunted house or to scare people away.
  • Astral Projection – Krystal leaves her body and can travel out to see what's going on up to 8 zones away. She cannot hear when astrally projecting, only see. Nor can she affect the world around her. However, she can fly at her running speed. While projecting, Krystal is unaware what goes on around her body.

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