Monday, October 6, 2014

Kevin Reardon - Confident School Athlete

Name: Kevin Reardon

Defining Aspect: Confident School Athlete
Ambition Aspect: Get Everything I want
Background Aspect: Never Been Told No
Conviction Aspect: I Deserve What I Want
Disadvantage Aspect: Defines Self Based On Others

Agility: 4 Endurance: 3 Perception: 2 Strength: 3
Craft: 1 Knowledge: 1 Reasoning: 2 Willpower: 3
Deception: 2 Empathy: 1 Persuasion: 2 Resources: 2
Manipulation: 0 Metabolic: 0 Sensitive: 0

Exceptional Skill Aspect: You Can't Touch This (Agility)
Foe Aspect: Abrasive Personality (Persuasion)
Gear Aspect: Sport Jersey (Resources)
Help Aspect: Fun to be Around (Persuasion)
Inferior Skill Aspect: Who Cares About Classes? (Knowledge)

Expert Advantages:
  • Wrestler – +2 bonus to grappling rolls.
  • Grappler – Use Agility or Strength when Grappling, whichever is higher.
  • Athlete – Gain a +1 to Agility or Strength rolls made run, jump, swim, lift things or perform some sport.
  • Grace Under Fire – Gain a +2 to Initiative.

Heroic Advantages:
  • Defensive Mastery – Whenever you generate spin on a defense of any kind, the resultant Boost becomes a situational Aspect with one Tag.

Physical Stress: OOOOOO Mental Stress: OOOOO Social Stress: OOOO
Chi Stress: O

Refresh: 4

Kevin is the newest rising star on the sports field and he knows it. He's had everything handed to him throughout his entire life and he's always had his whims fulfilled. At least as long as he can outshine everyone else in the game. Sometimes he can be a bit mocking and harsh in his conversation and interaction, but it seems like that's what everyone wants him to be like, so that's the way he acts. Everything in his life is about pleasing the crowds so that they'll approve of him and give him what he wants.

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