Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Numenera Mods for the One-Shot

Okay, we tried the system as written and had issues both with the published adventure and the system.  We can't do much about the adventure without a lot of work, but I can implement some of the mods I've seen discussed in other areas to see if we can address the system.

Modification One - Effort

In order to move the game more toward a Narrative system in truth, Effort will be allowed to be spent after the roll.  Powers still need to be spent before hand.

Modification Two - Health and Pools

We are going to partially separate the characters' health from their ability to perform.  Health pools connected to Might, Speed and Intellect will mirror the official Might, Speed and Intellect pools, which will be referred to as Effort pools for ease of effort.  Damage will be taken from the Health pools.  Effort and points to fuel powers will be spent from the Effort pools.

The Effort pools cannot be higher than their linked Health pool at any given time, but Health is not reduced by spending Effort.

IE, a character has a Might of 15, they have a Might Health of 15 and a Might Effort of 15.

They spend 3 Might Effort on a roll.  They now have a Might Effort of 12 but their Might Health stays at 15. 

They are hit by an attack and take 4 damage.  They now have 11 Might Health, since Might Effort cannot be higher than current Might Health, they now also have 11 Might Effort.

If a character runs out of Effort, they can choose to spend Health instead.

This brings a change in Recovery as well.  Recovery is now allowed separately for both Health and Effort.  You get Recovery for Effort quicker than for Health.

Recovery Effort

1 Action
5 Actions
10 Minutes
1 Hour

Recovery Health
1 Minute
10 Minutes
1 Hour
10 Hours

Modification Three - Enemy Health

To accomodate quicker combats, I am categorizing enemies into different types. 

Underlings - 1 HP per level.
Minions - 2 HP per level.
Lieutenants - 3 HP per level.
Bosses - 4 HP per level.

This might not come up in the rest of the game, but should allow for more cinematic combat.

Modification Four - Dice Rolls

We will roll 3d20 and take the middle result.  A GM Intrusion can make you take the low result and Effort can be spent to take the high result.

Modification Five - Experience and GM Intrusions

You will receive Story Points for GM Intrusions, not Experience Points.  Experience points are awarded at the end of the session.

Experience Points work only to purchase advances and abilities.

Story Points work only to produce rerolls or create temporary abilities.

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