Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One-Shot Gaming Sessions #3: Accursed

This is in preparation for the next One-Shot game we tackle, Accursed by Melior Via.  We have at least one more session of Numenera to get through at the time of this posting.

The basic premise is that in the recent past the lands of Morden were invaded from over the mountains by an army of mercenaries and monsters led by 13 immortal witches.  The armies of light fought valiantly to resist the conquest but, in the end, they were defeated.  However, in the course of their defeat they may have caused the destruction of one of the witches.  In the wake of this, the witches of the Grand Coven took to squabbling among themselves and casting blame with several dropping everything and going back over the mountains.  In the end 6 witches remained behind to toy with the men and women of Morden, one was presumed dead, an eighth has gone missing and the remaining 5 left to go back over the mountains and put the whole fiasco behind them.

The characters are Accursed, men and women who were turned into monsters to serve the will of the witches.  In the last days of the Grand Coven War many of these Accursed regained their will and began to turn their efforts against the Witches.  Now, in the aftermath of the war, they move about as mercenaries or serving the Enochian Church as agents.  They continue to fight against the agents of the witches, even now when all seems lost.  With the great heroes of men and the seelie fey seemingly destroyed along with one of the witches, it's left to the cast off monsters to push for a brighter day.

Core Mechanics

Trait Tests

Characters roll a trait die determined by either their Attribute or their Skill and try to roll equal to or higher than a target number, usually 4.

Wild Cards get a Wild Die in the form of an extra d6.  When rolling, they take the best of their normal die or the wild die on the result.  All PCs are Wild Cards.

If a character doesn't have the proper skill, he or she rolls a d4 and subtracts 2 from the total.  They still get the d6 Wild Die.

Dice explode, the system calls this "Aces".  Damage and Trait tests both explode.

Raises, for every 4 points over the Target Number you get a Raise.  Raises can be used
in a number of different ways based on the situation.


Characters start each session with 2 bennies and can earn more through roleplaying.

Bennies can be used to reroll a trait roll an unlimited number of times. You keep the best roll.

You cannot reroll damage rolls or rolls on a table/chart.

Bennies can also be used to make a Soak roll and is sometimes used to activate an ability.



When you roll damage, if you roll higher than the opponent's toughness, they are Shaken.  If they are already Shaken they are Wounded.

The next action, you make an attempt to recover being Shaken by making a Spirit test.  If you succeed, you lose the turn but are no longer Shaken.  If you succeed with a Raise, you are instantly recovered and get your action that turn.

With a Raise, an Extra is Wounded, if already Wounded they are Incapacitated.

For Wild Cards. each Raise gives the character a Wound.  Wild Cards (including PCs) can take three Wounds before they are incapacitated.

If you are not already Shaken when you are Wounded, you are Shaken as well. 

By spending a bennie you can make a Soak roll immediately after a hit by making a Vigor roll. A success and each raise after reduces the number of Wounds received by 1.


Characters draw common playing cards to determine the order of their actions.  Jokers go whenever they want to and can even interrupt an action.  Jokers get +2 on Trait and Damage rolls. New cards are drawn each round.


Setting Rules

Chronological Phenomena

The creatures created by each different Witch receive a +2 bonus to Trait and Damage rolls during certain times. This includes Accursed.

  • Baba Yaga's creations receive their greatest power while in the direct light of the Full Moon.
  • The Blood Witches creations receive their greatest power when passion and excitement is high.  When in the area of festivals and celebrations, the Blood Witch's creations gain their greatest power.
  • The Chimera's creations gain their greatest power in the two-minutes before midnight, when the Chimera's stronghold magically teleports.
  • The Crone's creations gain their greatest power during thunder storms.
  • The Dark Queen's creations gain their greatest power when the New Moon lies overhead.
  • The Djinn's creations gain their greatest power when the stars are right.  These alignments last at most an hour but can happen whenever the GM wants them to.
  • The Gorgon's creations gain their greatest power in single minute when the noon day sun is at its peak heat.
  • The Morrigan's creations gain their greatest power on the final day of each season.


Characters with Arcane Background (Witchcraft) can use Rituals to take extra time performing a power with an increased benefit.  Rituals can take minutes, hours or days dependent on what the GM decides.

  • Double the Power Points, each Point you spend on the use of the power is doubled.
  • Extend the Range
  • Extend the Duration
  • Increase Damage
  • Increase Effect (bonus to rolls)

Signs and Portents

This is a rather more complex rule that will only show up as the GM decides.

All Out Move

Move at double pace and then add a run die to determine total distance traveled, reduce Parry by 4, anyone making a ranged attack on the person running gets a +1 to the skill roll.  If you have the Charge Edge, you can make a Charge attack at -2 with +4 damage.

The character must move in a relatively straight line, accounting for minor obstacles.

This can be done mounted.

Damaged Characters

Characters can take an extra Hindrance on creation, the past few decades have been traumatic.  The character gets the points of the Hindrance (2 for Major, 1 for Minor) to create their character.

Defeat the Caster, Defeat the Spell

If kill the Caster all their magical works fail.

Just as Lucky

Other Wild Cards can cancel the spending of a bennie by spending a bennie themselves.

Pain Management

Characters can pay a bennie to change a Wound level into a Fatigue level or a Fatigue level into a Wound level.

Situational Modifier

Appropriate stunting can give you a +2 bonus to a roll.

The Witches' Guidance

An important bane or devotee of a Witch can call out for aid to receive a bennie or some other more nebulous benefit.  This generally only happens if the Witch is listening and cares, so GM fiat.  Once per Wild Card opponent per session.

Character Creation

There are 5 steps to character creation...and I am adding a 6th:

  • Choose your Witchbreed
  • Set your Traits
    • Attributes
    • Skills
    • Secondary Statistics
  • Take Edges and Hindrances
  • Apply Experience - We're playing half-way through Seasoned.
  • Acquire Gear
  • Determine Background
In the interest of copyright, I'm giving some limited description and only listing stuff that is available to Seasoned and Novice characters.

Choose your Witchbreed

  • Dhampir
    • Unintentionally created by Sanguinara, the Blood Witch.
      • They are the individuals that resisted the most strongly.
      • Dhampir and Vampires are not truly undead.
    • Characterized by beauty, agility and keen senses.
      • +2 Charisma
      • d6 starting Agility
      • d6 starting Notice
      • Low Light Vision - unaffected by Dim and Dark conditions.
    • Thirst for blood and vulnerability to wooden weapons.
      • Urge to consume blood when it is available.  Counts as a Minor Habit
      • +4 Damage from Wooden Weapons
    • Hunted by the servants of the Blood Witch
      • Sanguinara hates disloyalty more than most witches.
      • Banes of the Blood Witch attack them first out of others.
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Call the Blood, Novice, Charisma 4+. Jedi-Mind Trick
      • Call to the Wild, Seasoned, Spirit d8+. Connection with an animal type.
      • Graceful Leap, Novice, Agility d8+. Increased Run and Leap. Reduced fall damage.
  • Golem
    • Created by the Crone to lead her armies as engines of destruction.
      • Constructed beings animated by the souls of sacrificed men and women.
    • Constructed bodies render them resistant to some harmful things.
      • Immune to Poison and Disease
      • Called Shots do no extra damage
      • Do not suffer from Wound Penalties
      • +2 to recover from being Shaken
      • Does not heal naturally. Needs to be Repaired.
    • They are quite tough, but, unfortunately, also very slow.
      • +2 Toughness
      • Maximum Agility is d6
    • They have different weaknesses based on what they were made from.
      • Organic Golems take +4 damage from fire.
      • Inorganic Golems take +4 damage from blunt force. 
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Thunderclap, Novice, Spirit d8+.  Opponents must resist being Shaken and knocked down.
      • Disembodied, Novice, Vigor d8+. Separate body parts and control them remotely.
      • True to its Origin, Seasoned, Vigor d8+. Absorb materials similar to what you are made of to heal.
      • Expand Senses, Seasoned, Spirit d10+, leave your body and inhabit object made out of material you were made with. Can't animate it, but can spy through it.
  • Mongrel
    • Created by the Chimera as part of an experiment.
      • The Chimera is obsessed with immortality and transmutation.  All of her creations are basically incidental to this.
      • Mongrels take a medicine to control their pain and allow them to think straight and be more than animals.
    • Due to their magically mutated and surgically altered bodies, they live in constant, agonizing pain.
      • Spirit costs twice as much to improve from starting level.
      • Charisma -2.
    • Have animal parts somehow integrated into their body.
      •  Select any 2 Edges representing their animal features, two of the following mods or one of each.
        • Inhuman Attributes +1 to an attribute only for a specific body part.
        • Inhuman Senses +2 Notice, always on active guard for stealth.
        • Long Limbs: +1 Reach
        • Low Light Vision - Unaffected by Dim and Dark Conditions.
        • Natural Armor - +2 Armor
        • Natural Weapons - Implanted horns, claws, fangs or something else deal Str+d4 damage. Always armed.
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Bear the Pain, Seasoned, Vigor d8+, Ignore 1 point each of Wound and Fatigue penalties.
      • Bestial Connection, Novice, Spirit d6+, Summon animal related to an implant to grant some minor assistance.
      • Hybrid Survival, Novice, Smarts d6+, +4 Survival in environments related to your implants.
  • Mummy
    • Created by the Djinn after corrupting a wish made of her.
      • A man wished for her to "restore the ancient majesty" of his country. She animated the ancient dead.
      • Those with a particular style of burial symbols became independent instead of servants.
    • Due to their unliving nature, they are resistant to harm.
      • Immune to poison and disease.
      • +2 to recover from being Shaken.
      • Called shots do no extra damage.
      • Do not suffer Wound penalties.
    • Unfortunately, they are quite hideous and their spirits are weakened.
      • -2 Charisma, cannot take Attractive
      • Spirit costs double to improve past d4.
    • They wear pieces of their sarcophagus as armor and weaponry.
      • +2 Armor
      • Str+d6 Bashing attacks.
      • Mummies have to rest in their sarcophagus, so Witchbreeds turned their sarcophagi into armor.
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Multipurpose Sarcophagus, Novice, Repair d6+. Can reform their sarcophagus into different purposes. Don't have armor and weapons while it is repurposed.
      • Royal Tradition, Novice, Spirit d8+, Your mask is better detailed than others +2 Charisma.
  • Ophidian
    • Created by Melusine, the Gorgon as spies.
      • Some turned independent...some only claimed to turn independent.
    • They have a venomous bite and are double jointed with quick reactions.
      •  Str+d4 damage bite attack, if successfully make them Shaken or wounded, they have to resist paralysis.
      • Always considered to have the First Strike Edge.
      • Fit through any space at least as wide as their head at normal walking pace.
    • They are cold-blooded and their venom affects their own health.
      •  -1 to all Trait rolls in cold environments.
    • Hunted by servants of the Gorgon.
      • Melusine loves her creations, but fears their betrayal.
      • Banes of the Gorgon will attack Ophidians first.
    • They have exceptional senses.
      •  +2 to Notice rolls, always Active guard to detect stealth due to forked tongues.
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Whiptail, Novice, gains a prehensile tail which can attack or entangle opponents. Str+d4, Reach 1, Entangle as a whip.
      • Deadly Venom, Seasoned, effectiveness of bite goes from Paralysis to Lethal.
      • Speed of the Serpent, Agility d8+, gain a Pace of 10"
  • Revenant
    • Unintentionally created by the Morrigan.
      • When the Morrigan creates a Cauldron-Born, sometimes one of the reanimated has a driving obsession so intense they maintain their own independence.
    • Their undead nature gives them certain benefits.
      • Do not suffer extra damage from Called Shots.
      • Do not suffer from Poison or Disease.
      • +2 to recover from being Shaken
      • Never suffer wound penalties.
      • Maximum Vigor is d12+2
      • Can roll Vigor in place of Spirit to resist in cases of Intimidation or fear.
    • They have all made some sort of vow that drives them.
      • Suffer Fatigue if acts in direct conflict of their obsession.
      • When nothing is happening to draw their full attention they can become irritable and impatient.
    • Their undead nature also presents some difficulties.
      • -2 Charisma
      • +4 Cold-Forged Weapons
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Strength of the Grave, Novice, Strength up by +1 die type. Maximum Str increased.
        • Can be taken once per rank, so you can take it twice.
      •  Beyond the Flesh, Seasoned, Vigor d8+, can dislocate joints to pass through small spaces.
      • No Need for Light, Novice, Unaffected by Dim, Dark, Fog, Smoke, Polluted Water or other conditions that would normally restrict vision.
  • Shade
    • Created by Hecate, the Dark Queen, to serve as scouts and infiltrators.
      • Most became mindless shadow creatures, the others became shades.
      • Shades are living, but out of phase.
    • Exude a fear aura which also causes animals to hate them.
      • Focus your will to intimidate sentient people by rolling Spirit-2. Prepare for a round to reduce the penalty by -1. May prepare for up to two rounds.
      • Animals refuse to come within 6 game inches of the character. If forced to do so will run at earliest opportunity.
    • Their semi-corporeal nature gives them both troubles and advantages.
      • Strength costs double to increase past d4.
      • d6 starting Subterfuge.
      • +1 Parry
      • +2 to resist negative environments.
    • May phase through solid objects.
      • Can attempt ambush attacks.
    • They are vulnerable to salt.
      • -1 to all Trait rolls when exposed to salt or salt water.
      • Attacks with a salt trapping or salt-covered weapons deal +2 damage.
      • Can't cross an unbroken line of salt or salt water under their own power.
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      • Spectral Constitution, Seasoned, Vigor d8+, +4 to resist negative environments, +2 to Soak attacks.
      • Spectral Chill of the Grave, Seasoned, Vigor d10+, create a damage aura with effort.
      • Spectral Camouflage, Seasoned, Subterfuge d8+, increased defense by being hard to see, can ambush without phasing.
      • Spectral Flight, Seasoned, Spirit d8+, Fly with a Pace of 10 and Climb 3.
  • Vargr
    • Created by Baba Yaga to serve as soldiers.
    • Are cursed by an insatiable hunger.
      • Must eat three to five pounds of food every 24 hours to remain healthy.
    • They can take the form of a terrible wolf-like beast.
      •  Non-stressful situations, requires a test and takes a few moments.
      • Combat situations require a test and how many rounds it takes depends on level of success.
      • +2 to Strength
      • +2 to Fighting
      • -4 Charisma
      • +2 to Notice while using smell in this form
      • Unaffected by Dim or Dark lighting, still needs some small amount of light.
      • Natural weapons do Str+d6 damage in this form.
    • They are vulnerable to silver.
      • +4 damage from silver weapons while in Bestial form.
    • They have their own Racial Edges as options to take in step 3.
      •  Strength of the Motherland, Novice, Gradniki heritage, +3 Strength in Bestial form instead of +2.
      • Rapid Recovery, Seasoned, Spirit d10+, spend a benny to attempt to heal a wound.

Set Your Traits


Each Attribute starts at d4.
The characters have 5 points to allocate to them. 
Each point will raise an attribute by 1 die type. (d4 to d6 is 1 pt.  d4 to d8 is 2 pts)
d12 is the maximum value (mostly likely no one will have this)
Some Witchbreeds cause modifications to these rules.

The Attributes are:
  • Agility
  • Smarts
  • Spirit
  • Strength
  • Vigor


Skills begin at 0 and are also rated by dice.
Each skill is connected to an Attribute.
You have 15 points.
If a Skill is a lower die-type than its Attribute, it costs 1 to raise.
If a Skill is equal or higher to the die-type of its Attribute, it costs 2 to raise.

The Skills are:
  • Athletics (Strength)
  • Fighting (Agility)
  • Gambling (Smarts)
  • Guts (Spirit)
  • Healing (Smarts)
  • Intimidation (Spirit)
  • Investigation (Smarts)
  • Knowledge (Smarts) - have specialties including vehicle use like boating or balloons.
  • Notice (Smarts)
  • Persuasion (Spirit)
  • Repair (Smarts)
  • Riding (Agility)
  • Shooting (Agility)
  • Streetwise (Smarts)
  • Subterfuge (Agility)
  • Survival (Smarts)
  • Taunt (Smarts)
  • Throwing (Agility)
  • Tracking (Smarts)
The following two skills require the appropriate Arcane Background Edge:

  • Alchemy (Smarts)
  • Witchcraft (Spirit)


Secondary Statistics

The following traits are figured from the above.

  • Charisma is equal to the total bonus and penalties given by Witchbreed, Edges and Hindrances
  • Pace is 6"
  • Parry is equal to 2 plus half Fighting (if Fighting is d8, Parry is equal to 6)
  • Toughness is equal to 2 plus half Vigor (if Vigor is d6, Toughness is equal to 5)
  • The Fate track starts at 0.

Edges and Hindrances

Witchbreeds may gain more creation points by taking on Hindrances.  They can take up to One Major Hindrance (2 points) and two Minor Hindrances (1 point each) for a total of 4 extra creation points.  The Damaged Characters setting rule allows you to take one other Hindrance of either Major or Minor level, with the points.

Witchbreed Hindrances do NOT count against the limit of your optional Hindrances.

They can use these to:

  • Gain another Attribute point for 2 points
  • Gain an Edge for 2 points 
  • Gain another Skill point for 1 point


Minor Hindrances include:
  • Bad Eyes
  • Big Mouth
  • Cautious
  • Death Wish
  • Illiterate
  • Loyal
  • Mean
  • Obese
  • Quirk
  • Stubborn
  • Ugly
  • Weak-Willed

Major Hindrances include:
  • Arrogant
  • Bad Luck
  • Blind
  • Clueless
  • Code of Honor
  • Curious
  • Destitute
  • Glass Jaw
  • Heroic
  • Lame
  • One Arm
  • One Eye
  • One Leg
  • Slow
  • Small
  • Unwitting Tool
  • Yellow

 Hindrances that can be Major OR Minor include:
  • Combat Shock
  • Delusional
  • Enemy
  • Greedy
  • Habit
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Jingoistic
  • Obligation
  • Phobia
  • Vengeful
  • Vulnerability
  • Wanted


Accursed does not differentiate between different sorts of Edges, normally, Background Edges can only be taken at character creation, unless there are very good reasons for it.  Since this is a one-shot, I'm not worried about it, but am organizing them for ease of list stuff.  Requirements are listed but effects are not for copyright reasons.  Some of these have a requirement of being a Wild Card, but PCs are, by definition, Wild Cards.

Background Edges:
  • Alertness, Novice
  • Ambidextrous, Novice, Agility d8+
  • Arcane Background: Alchemy, Novice
    • Power Points are devoted to prepared potions and are not freed up until the potion is used or you allow an earlier potion to go bad.
    • More or less accepted by society.
    • Potions can be given to others to use.
    • Start with 10 Power Points
    • Start with 3 Powers.
      • Alchemical Fortitude
      • Armor
      • Blast
      • Blind
      • Boost/Lower Trait
      • Darksight
      • Drain Years
      • Electrolytic Transferal
      • Entangle
      • Fear
      • Growth/Shrink
      • Intangibility
      • Invisibility
      • Light
      • Liquefy Object
      • Obscure
      • Quickness
      • Rejuvenating Draft
      • Slow
      • Slumber
      • Smite
      • Speed
      • Stun
      • Transmute Element
      • Transmute Weapon
      • Wall Walker
  • Arcane Background: Witchcraft, Novice
    • Heavy success can cause an Accursed White Witch to move toward Acceptance.
    • White witches are known but are carefully watched. Not really trusted.
    • Start with 10 Power Points
    • Start with 2 of the following powers:
      • Beast Friend
      • Blast
      • Blind
      • Bolt
      • Boost/Lower Trait
      • Circle of Thorns
      • Confusion
      • Corpse Senses
      • Curse
      • Damage Field
      • Darksight
      • Disguise
      • Divination
      • Drain Power Points
      • Drain Years
      • Enhance Undead
      • Entangle
      • Farseeing
      • Fear
      • Feral Form
      • Fly
      • Grave Speak
      • Growth/Shrink
      • Havoc
      • Intangibility
      • Invisibility
      • Mind Reading
      • Nightmares
      • Object Reading
      • Obscure
      • Power Negation
      • Probe
      • Puppet
      • Quickness
      • Shape Change
      • Slow
      • Slumber
      • Speed
      • Squall
      • Steal Wounds
      • Stun
      • Transmogrify
      • Wall Walker
      • Zombie
  • Attractive, Novice, Vigor d6+
    • Very Attractive, Novice, Attractive
  • Berserk, Novice
  • Brawny,Novice, Vigor d6+
  • Clarity of the Draw, Novice, Spirit d8+
  • Enochian, Novice, Knowledge (Enochian) d6+
  • Fast Healer, Novice, Vigor d8+
  • Grand Coven Veteran, Novice, Fighting d8+, Guts d6+
  • Luck, Novice
    • Great Luck, Novice, Luck
  • Officer of the Alliance, Seasoned, Intimidation d8+, Guts d8+, Knowledge (Tactics) d8+
  • Outlander, Novice, Notice d8+, Survival d8+
  • Penitent, Novice, Knowledge (Enochian) d6+, Tracking d6+
  • Quick, Novice, Agility d8+
  • Relentless, Novice, Spirit d8+
  • Rich, Novice
    • Filthy Rich, Novice, Rich
  •  Wealthy

Combat Edges:
  • Always Armed, Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Mongrel, Mummy, Vagr
  • Block, Seasoned, Fighting d8+
  • Charge, Seasoned, Fighting d10+
  • Chosen Fate, Seasoned
  • Combat Reflexes, Seasoned
  • Dirty Fighter, Seasoned
  • Dodge, Seasoned, Agility d8+
  • First Strike, Novice, Agility d8+ (Ophidians get free)
  • Fleet-Footed, Novice, Agility d6+
  • Florentine, Novice, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
  • Hard to Kill, Novice, Spirit d8+
  • Level-Headed, Seasoned, Smarts d8+
    • Improved Level-Headed, Seasoned, Level-Headed
  • Marksman, Seasoned
  • Nerves of Steel, Novice, Vigor d8+
    • Improved Nerves of Steel, Nerves of Steel
  • Quick Draw, Novice, Agility d8+
  • Steady Hands, Novice, Agility d8+
  • Sweep, Novice, Strength d8+, Fighting d8+
  • Take the Hit, Novice, Vigor d10+
  • Trademark Weapon, Novice Fighting OR Shooting d10+
  • Two-Fisted, Novice, Agility d8+

 Leadership Edge (for controlling groups of Allies):
  • Command, Novice
  • Fanaticism,Seasoned, Command, Persuasion d8+
  • Hold the Line, Seasoned, Smarts d8+, Command
  • Inspire, Seasoned, Command
  • Natural Leader, Novice, Spirit d8+, Command

 Power Edges (only useful if you have an Arcane Background):
  • Familiar, Novice, Arcane Background (Witchcraft),Witchcraft d10+
  • New Power, Novice, Arcane Background
  • Power Points, Novice, Arcane Background
  • Rapid Recharge, Seasoned, Spirit d6+, Arcane Background
  • Soul Drain, Seasoned, Arcane Background, Knowledge (Arcane) d10+

Professional Edges:
  • Acrobat, Novice, Agility d8+, Strength d6+
  • Investigator, Novice, Smarts d8+, Investigation d8+, Streetwise d8+
  • Jack-of-all-Trades, Novice, Smarts d10+
  • Knight of the Redhawks,Novice, Fighting d10+, Intimidation d8+, Riding d8+
  • Necromancer, Novice, Arcane Background, Spirit d8+, Arcane Skill d8+
  • Scholar, Novice, d8+ in affected skill
  • Thief, Novice, Agility d8+, Climb d6+, Lockpick d6+, Subterfuge d8+
  • Woodsman, Novice, Spirit d6+, Survival d8+, Tracking d8+

Social Edges:
  • Charismatic, Novice, Spirit d8+
  • Common Bond, Novice, Spirit d8+
  • Connections
  • Knave, Seasoned, Persuasion d8+, Streetwise d8+
  • Strong-Willed, Novice, Intimidate d6+, Taunt d6+

Weird Edges:
  • Beast Bond, Novice
  • Beast Master, Novice, Spirit d8+
  • Danger Sense, Novice
  • Healer, Novice, Spirit d8+

 Wild Card Edges (activate when you draw a Joker for initiative):
  • Dead Shot, Seasoned, Shooting OR Throwing d10+
  • Mighty Blow, Seasoned, Fighting d10+

Apply Experience

Characters for this one-shot will be half-way through the Seasoned Rank and have 6 Advances.

Advances can be used to:

  • Gain a new Edge
    • You have two Seasoned Advances, so only two Edges requiring the Seasoned Rank  can be taken.
  • Increase a skill equal or greater to its connected Attribute by 1.
  • Increase two skills less than its connected Attribute by 1.
  • Buy a new skill at d4.
  • Increase Attribute by 1.
    • Can only take this once per Rank, meaning twice (Novice and Seasoned).
    • The Revenant Racial Edge Strength of the Grave does NOT count against this limit.
    • Shades require two Advances to increase Strength
    • Mummies and Mongrels require two Advances to increase Spirit
    • Ophidians require two Advances to increase Vigor
    • Golems cannot increase Agility past d6.


Assorted gear fitting to your character concept.


Country of Origin

  • Cairn Kainen
    • Scottish Highlands
    • Ruled by the Morrigan
    • Lots of Cauldron-Bourne zombies
    • Lots of clan rivalry and feuds fed by the Morrigan.
    • Originally known as Caer Kainen.
    • Even if born in other countries, revenants were all created in this area.
  • Hebron
    • Jewish themed
    • Attacked primarily by the Crone
    • Recently became heavily militarized.
    • Lost a lot of their cultural freedoms but only country undefeated by the witches.
    • Primary area most golems were created.
  •  Hyphrates
    • Egyptian themed
    • Currently in chaos as one of the Djinn loyal mummies tries to dominate.
    • Mummies originated here, but if a mummy is killed their curse transfers to their killer, so mummies can come from any nation.
    • Long-standing wars and rivalry with Hebron, pre-Grand Coven War.
  • Manreia
    • Italian renaissance themed.
    • Mad scientists.
    • Railroads.
    • Lots of political intrigue.
    • Dominated by the Witches, especially the Chimera
    • Most mongrels were created here.
  •  Steppengrad
    • Russian themed.
    • Blasted by the war.
    • Grand cities empty.
    • Returned to subsisting in a much more primitive way.
    • Source of most vagr
  •  Valkenholm
    • Romanian themed.
    • Lots of festivals.
    • Openly ruled by Sanguinara and her vampires.
    • Hidden resistance.
    • Lots of infighting and intrigue.
  • Outlands
    • No particular nation.
    • Rugged frontiersmen.
    • Almost all killed by the Grand Coven, almost none survived.

How were you captured?

Almost all Accursed were created during the Grand Coven War, the few remaining witches don't much create more since then (except maybe the Chimera).  So were you fighting in the alliance and captured?  Were a citizen that was overtaken?

Determine Witchmark

Witchmarks are markings that give something of the history and personality of the Accursed.  They are usually in a conspicuous area such as on the face, the back of the hand, the neck or somewhere else. At each rank, the Witchmark unlocks new powers and grows more complex representing the history of the character.  The exact description of the Witchmark is up to the player but a sample one is below.

  • Dhampir witchmarks appear on the flesh similar to an intricate tattoo.  Many dhampir take pride in their artistic whorls and the designs generally do not detract from their appearance.
  • Golem witchmarks take the appearance of a carving in their artificial bodies as if it were deliberately cut or chiseled into the body.
  • Mongrel witchmarks generally appear to be literally sewn into the flesh with threads, usually on patches of their still human skin.
  • Mummy witchmarks take the form of a carved cartouche attached to their body, usually their chest.  If the mummy is slain and then cartouche stolen, the curse transfers to the thief creating a new mummy.
  • Ophidian witchmarks are created by the patterns of the scales that cover their bodies.  When the witchmark changes, they shed their skin.
  • Revenant witchmarks takes the form of scar tissue upon the body forming the outline of various symbols and glyphs that represent his curse.
  • Shade witchmarks are completely transparent, as is the flesh under it, appearing as a hole in the existence of the body.
  • Vargr witchmarks appear as a sort of birthmark-like stain.  Even in bestial form, the area of the witchmark is free of fur, which can be particularly horrific as the witchmark grows.

When witchmarks are exposed to certain stimuli - such as a powerful minion of the witch that created the Accursed bearing it or in the presence of powerful witchcraft - it makes its presence known somehow.  This varies based on what provokes it.  Sometimes witchmarks bleed freely in the presence of some witchcraft, other times it might glow with a pale, disquieting radiance.  Others might pulse with heat or faintly writhe under the Accursed's skin.  These symptoms are referred to as stigmata.

At Novice Rank:

Originally, Witchmarks were intended to assist the Accursed in working together as the vanguard of
the Witch Armies. Since the sundering of the Grand Coven however, the Order of the Penitent has found new ways to utilize the curse unique abilities. As a novice, the Accursed Witchmark simply describes the character origin and Witchbreed. The glyphs at this Rank are relatively small, covering only a palm width or so of the Accursed skin. The core of the Witchmark includes at least one symbol referencing the Accursed desire for repentance, to become one of the heroes that Morden needs most in its darkest hour.

At Seasoned Rank:

The Witchmark was intended to serve as a tool to bind the Accursed together and foment cooperation
across wildly disparate and potentially antagonistic Witchbreeds. As the Accursed unlocks more of his abilities through experiences and realizations about his own nature and the nature of his curse, the
Witchmark grows more elaborate and detailed. The symbols of the glyph now also represent the Accursed key personality traits or attitudes. At this Rank, the Witchmark becomes larger and more complex, typically covering half of one limb or a prominent place on the Accursed torso. The Witchmark outermost ring contains markers signifying connections with other Accursed, often through the Order of the Penitent, and their ongoing struggle to free Morden from the Witches・dark influence.

Powers of a Witchmark at Novice and Seasoned Ranks

  • Novice Rank Witchmarks
    • Witchbreed Sense
      • Sense other Accursed and Banes of the same Witchline as you.
    • Drawn to Those in Need
      • Sense when someone nearby is in trouble and need your help.
      • More intense when the danger comes from the Witches or their servants.
  • Seasoned Rank Witchmark
    •  Can speak to other Accursed of the same Witchbreed and also any Accursed he is familiar with within 1 mile.
      • Must speak aloud, the target will hear as if right next to you.
      • Any other Accursed of your Witchbreed within a mile of you will overhear the conversation.

Acceptance or Defiance

I will allow the characters to choose one shift closer to either Acceptance or Defiance of their curse.  They may take the "Chosen Fate" Edge with a Seasoned Advance to gain another shift.  This means they can get at max to Stage 2 of either Acceptance or Defiance, one off of the Final Stage.

Acceptance does not mean becoming evil.  Defiance does not necessarily mean you become good.  It states that any racial edges you took would stay with you even if you reach total defiance.

Whichever path you take, Accursed who completely accept or deny their curse are referred to as Saints by some among the Enochian church.  They are considered an example of the potential that Accursed can reach if they persist in their struggles against the Witches.

The witchmark and its benefits also remain regardless of whether you defy or accept the curse.

One of the example characters is a thoroughly good soul, legendary dhampir who has completely accepted her curse.  She just felt it was improper to deny what fate had made her.

All Accursed except dhampir become a full, living human if they completely defy the curse.  Dhampir simply "appear human" and acquire blood so pure that they are immune to powers that affect the blood.

  • Dhampir
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 - Finds they enjoy their power and their speed increases, but the sun becomes aggravating.
        • +1 Pace
        • -1 to all Trait tests in direct sunlight.
      • Stage 2 - Finds they crave blood more and more, but gain more speed.
        • +1 Parry
        • Can no longer survive on diet that does not include drinking blood.
        • Double damage from wooden weapons instead +4.
    • Defiance
      •  Stage 1 - Fighting against the curse finds the dhampir able to resist the touch of wood.  However, her eyesight begins to dim.
        • Wooden Weapons only deal +2 damage.
        • Lose Low Light Vision
      • Stage 2 - The dhampir finds they are able to handle wood completely fine, but their vision dims further.  They also start gaining greater luck.
        • Notice skill is reduced by one step. (d6 becomes d4, for example)
        • No longer suffers extra damage from Wood.
        • +1 Benny per session.  Cumulative with Luck and Great Luck.
  • Golem
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 - The golem begins to embrace the state of being trapped in this artificial body.  However, they become less aware of the world around them.
        • Immunity(Electricity)
        • Notice skill tests suffer a -2
      • Stage 2 - The golem's soul controls its body.  Accepting this curse makes him that much harder to hurt, but increases the impact of vulnerabilities.
        • Toughness bonus of Hulking increases to +4.
        • The Golem's Weakness deals double damage instead +4.
    • Defiance
      •  Stage 1 - The golem is able to shed some of the weaknesses of his body.
        • +1 Pace.
        • Its weakness deals +2 Damage instead of +4.
        • No negative effect.
      • Stage 2 - The denial of the curse is reflected in the function of the body, which becomes less resilient.
        • No longer suffers bonus damage from its weakness.
        • Loses the Toughness bonus from Hulking
        • +1 Benny at the beginning of each game.
  • Mongrel
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 -  Mongrels who embrace their change find new body parts mutating spontaneously. However the increased pain is distracting.
        • Bonus Edge or Animal Modification
        • -1 penalty on all Notice tests.
      • Stage 2 - Integrates more of his curse into his being and his disparate parts appear to work together more appropriately and naturally. However, his pain increases.
        • Charisma penalty reduced to 0.
        • The Mongrel may no longer increase their Spirit beyond its current level.
    • Defiance
      • Stage 1 - The mongrel's body begins slowly transforming back to what it originally was.
        • No longer needs the alchemical medicine to control the pain.
        • Loses one Edge or Animal Modification gained from his Witchbreed package.
        • Can dress in ways to avoid detection by making a Subterfuge check.
      • Stage 2 - Grows even more human as more animal features fade.
        • Loses another Edge or Animal Modification from his Witchbreed Package.
        • +1 Benny at the beginning of each game.
  • Mummy
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 -  The mummy's curse is linked to the distant past and modern considerations are harder to focus on, but the sarcophagus shell becomes stronger and more durable.
        • -2 penalty to all Common Knowledge tests.
        • Armor from the Sarcophagus Shell improves from +2 to +4.
      • Stage 2 -  Mummies become more durable, however, she begins to be able to spend less time away from her sarcophagus.
        • Gains the Hardy power.
        • Must spend at least 10 hours of every day at rest within her sarcophagus. (which she generally wears.)
    • Defiance
      •  Stage 1 - Life begins to slowly return to the mummy.
        • Loses the Hideous Visage characteristic. Charisma penalty becomes +0, they can take the Attractive Edge.
        • Loses the +2 bonus to recover from Shaken
      • Stage 2 - The mummy's connection to the sarcophagus grows weaker.
        • +1 Benny at the beginning of each game.
        • Loses the ability to use the sarcophagus as an natural weapon.
  • Ophidian
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 - The ophidian begins to accept the new form and it becomes harder to remember how humans act.  But they become less prone to fear.
        • -1 Charisma.
        • +2 bonus to all Fear checks.
      • Stage 2 -  With greater acceptance comes a greater understanding of the form. They become slimmer and more capable of dodging.  Sometimes they even lose their lower legs.  However, they are more fragile.
        • +1 Parry
        • -1 Toughness
    • Defiance
      • Stage 1 - Their serpentile nature grows less.
        • The venomous bite becomes less potent and victims no longer suffer a penalty on the roll to resist.
        • No longer suffers a Pace penalty in cold climates.
      • Stage 2 - A greater return to humanity makes them less flexible.
        • Loses the ability to pass through small spaces.
        • Can now increase Vigor at a 1 per 1 rate as their venom is no longer harming their body.
  • Revenant
    •  Acceptance
      • Stage 1 - Accepting the curse means accepting death itself. His body slows down, but gains a greater sense of how to achieve his oath.
        • -1 to Pace
        • May now sense the direction and distance to the next event that makes progress toward his Vow.
      • Stage 2 - Those who are able to accept the Morrigan's curse gain a great ability to see in the dark, but become more sensitive to Cold Iron.
        • Gains Low Light Vision (if they have the No Need for Light Racial Edge, they may not be blinded - my add)
        • Cold Iron weapons deal double damage instead of +4.
    •  Defiance
      • Stage 1 - Defying the curse makes the revenant more aware of the world around him.
        • The revenant is no longer becomes irritable and impatient when not actively on a mission.
        • The revenant no longer suffers from fatigue for working against his vow.
      • Stage 2 - The revenant's flesh becomes to come together, thus makes him more fragile.
        • No longer vulnerable to Cold Iron.
        • Now suffers Wound Penalties as normal.
  • Shade
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 - Accepting the curse makes their otherworldly nature more obvious.
        • +2 bonus to activate their Fear power.
        • -1 to Persuasion rolls requiring camaraderie.
      • Stage 2 - The shade's connection to the physical realm becomes more tenuous.
        • Shade can become totally Ethereal for 3 consecutive rounds
        • Must make a Vigor (TN: 6) test to affect physical objects.
        • May become Ethereal a number of rounds per day equal to her Vigor die.
    • Defiance
      • Stage 1 - The shade refuses to accept their insubstantial nature and powers.
        • No longer gains a bonus to resist negative environments.
        • Can turn off the unnatural aura keeping animals away at will.
      • Stage 2 - The supernatural is less of an obstruction as she recalls and attempts to reintegrate her phantom form into a mortal body.
        • Can now cross a line of salt or salt water.
        • Inducing fear is now more difficult.
  • Vargr
    • Acceptance
      • Stage 1 - They embrace the wold within, increasing their senses and sensitivity to silver.
        • Double damage from attacks by silver weapons.
        • Bonuses for senses in wolf form increase to +4
      • Stage 2 - Strengthening the curse gains her a stronger connection her beast.
        • Compelled to transform during the night of the Full Moon as well as the night before and after.
        • The beast form's natural weapons increase to Str+d8
    • Defiance
      • Stage 1 - The vargr fights their curse as if it were an invisible, intangible enemy.
        • Bestial form's natural weapons become Str+d4
        • Has an easier time resisting her hunger.
      • Stage 2 - The vargr is now gaining an upper hand in this battle.
        • Loses vulnerability to silver.
        • It becomes harder to transform.
        • +1 benny at the start of every game.

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