Friday, March 6, 2015

Divine Blood: Demon Next Door Kickstarter

This is the most ambitious kickstarter I've taken on to date.

If the kickstarter fails, the project will likely have minimal art or a lot of recycled art and I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. I'd like the book to be as beautiful as the core RPG turned out to be.  But I need help to make that happen.


The world of Divine Blood has a lot of dark corners where heroes of all sorts of species are engaged in acts of daring to prevent the ragged world of violence from spilling over into the lives of civilians.
This expansion isn't about those heroes.

This book is about the civilians that enjoy the protection of those guardians.

The everyday world might not have threats to life and limb, but it has its fair share of adventures.

Maybe some students decide to pull a prank on a rival school and use a little psychic talent to make it happen.

Or perhaps your character is just learning that they aren't human.

Try on the joys of being the legal guardian to a reincarnated God or Demon.

You could have just discovered that the neighborhood you've just moved into is full of weirdos and mystics.

Or are you struggling with whether or not to tell your significant other about your secret?


This campaign book primarily focuses on the more light-hearted side of living in the world of Divine Blood.


Further details on the Community and the lives and attitudes of civilian psychics all over the world.

Discussion of the species included in the main book and how they relate to the Community.

A summary of how several regions of the world treat the supernatural.

A discussion of the attitudes of various generations of the civilians in the Community.

A list of signs and signals used by the community to advertise businesses and give information.

A look at the culture of Yomi and Nirvana and an introduction to the Heralds and Faustians.

Explanations for the different ways that Gods and Demons have changed sides in their ancient conflict.

A discussion of pop culture subjects such as body modifications, movies, television and video games.

A section on the basic elements involved in playing a Demon Next Door campaign and some sample campaign ideas.

Common themes and moods that best apply to a Demon Next Door campaign ranging from situational comedy to serious introspective drama.

Hybrid campaign suggestions where the characters might be the heroes and warriors of other campaigns, but the focus is more on what they do in between risking their lives.

Character creation guidelines

New Advantages and equipment

A full scenario for 2-5 players: "A Day at the Fair" played as "Demon Next Door" at Q-Con 2014 in Northern Ireland, Virtuacon 2014 and Aethercon 2014 online.

Discover a world of magic and psychic powers.

Deal with a teenaged succubus discovering her heritage.

Prevent a sleazy reporter from exposing the Community.

Be voted the Best Booth in the Fair!!!

And try to get in as much goof-off time as possible...unless, you know, you're one of those teacher's pets.

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