Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GUMSHOE Investigative Spends

These are the basic rules on using Investigative Abilities in GUMSHOE. Find the GUMSHOE SRD here.

Investigative Situations

  • Core Clue Situation
    • Example: A safe contains a Core Clue.
    • Solution: Character describes using Locksmith. Automatic Success.
  • Simple Search Clue
    • Example: An NPC has interesting but not immediately useful information.
    • Solution: Character describes using Reassurance or other appropriate ability. Automatic Success.
  • 1 Point Spend Clue
    • Example: Medical notes have useful but obscure information.
    • Solution: Character spends 1 Medicine point. Success
  • 2 Point Spend Clue
    • Example: Noticing something rather subtly wrong with a room.
    • Solution: Character spends 2 Architecture points. Success.
  • Inconspicuous Clues
    • An NPC is nervous.
    • An investigator who has Assess Honesty is told that the man seems to be fidgeting a lot. 

Investigative Pools do not normally recover until a scenario is completed, spend them wisely.

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