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Divine Blood Quicky Power Facts

“Power Facts” are basically a way of stating what sort of skills and capabilities are implied by different Aspects or background elements. Since most of the skills and powers of a character exist within their Aspects in Fate Accelerated, it can be important to note what different things mean.

If this were a well-known setting such as the DC Universe, there wouldn’t be much need to list out what is implied by an Aspect with the word “Kryptonian” in it: God-like power and allergies to green rocks. If this were a setting that was being created on the fly, you could also define a lot of the meaning of stuff entirely on the fly.

Since this is a little-known setting that has some specific definitions to words, some Power Facts will be listed. (Really, when you’re creating on the fly, you should write down “Power Facts” on your character sheet or in a file somewhere as you define them anyway so you can be consistent.)

For terms that appear quite a bit; God, Demon, Nirvanite, Yomian and so forth, the Facts are going to be listed below. For stuff that relates only to specific characters it will be on their own sheet.

The GM and players can use these as guidelines as to what sort of actions, bonuses and penalties might be possible.

For example, Susano’O is the God of Storms and Only Recently Reincarnated so he can travel between any two points where there is a storm (the entire city outdoors right now) and can use lightning, wind and rain as attacks, but sense he’s still got most of his power bound up, the GM can give him a penalty when he makes an attack that he wants to be a bad-ass lightning bolt when he only has enough power to make a joy buzzer or maybe a tazer.

Quicky Facts

  • Gods and Demons have nearly reality warping powers because they can see the basic functions of the physical universe.
  • They help focus themselves by specializing in themes called Domains (Gods) and Realms (Demons)
  • Nirvana is mostly populated by Gods. Yomi is mostly populated by Demons.
  • Yomi and Nirvana have been at war for millions of years. They are currently in truce and want (mostly) peace.
  • Anytime a citizen of one group dies, something called the Compact immediately causes the death of a random citizen of the other group to die. (well, supposedly, in truth, they’re no longer sure how the Compact chooses who dies…just that it can’t act unless someone dies first)
  • Supernatural powers are powered by Life-Force. Different colors for different species. Red for Demons, Blue for Gods, Green for Humans and since there is one in the pre-gens, Amber for kitsune. 
  • Gods and Demons are telepathically connected to others in the same nation as well as to several power-generating items.
  • Gods and Demons can teleport. Gods create a passage between two instances of a particular phenomenon (their medium) like Oh My Goddess gods. Demons bamf like Nightcrawler. This is possible due to the immense amount of power they’re telepathically connected to.
  • Take away the power granted by the network, they’re ageless but not much more powerful than mortals. The most extreme levels of power are typically only granted to people dealing with potentially global disasters, like a major volcanic eruption or a nameless thing.
  • Magic works by telepathically borrowing the instinct level instructions of someone with an inborn Talent. It can also be of some limited use with the basic characteristics or emotional imprint of non-psychics. Anybody can learn magic.
  • High Magic works by connecting to Gods and Demons and copying their spells. Practitioners are called magi (singular: magus).
  • Low Magic works by taking a genetic sample, usually blood, and using object reading techniques to craft potions. Practitioners are called magicians. None of the pre-generated characters are magicians.
  • Sorcery is a learned psychic ability to manipulate one’s life-force. Channeling works like anime or wu xia martial arts with blasts, defensive auras and enhanced bodies. Shaping is precise and time-consuming rituals.
  • Talents for healing people exist, but most learned healing effects work best against supernatural maladies. Supernatural mortals tend to go to medical doctors in the know for physical ailments.
  • The general public does not currently really know about the supernatural. There is a rising belief because many mortal supernaturals want to come back to the public, but most of what the believers in the public “know” is completely wrong.

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