Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Loss of Life Pre-Gen - Inspector Mason Winschel

Age: 31 years old
Occupation: Police Detective
Drive: Follower
Occupational Abilities: 
  • Athletics
  • Cop Talk
  • Driving
  • Evidence Collection
  • Firearms
  • Interrogation
  • Law
  • Assess Honesty
  • Sense Trouble
Occupational Abilities have no effect on game-play. They are half-cost in character creation or advancement.

Occupational Benefit: Facility Access

Facility Access: By using Cop Talk , a police officer can gain access to files normally barred to the public. In this case he has used this already to get warrants that give him some authority as long as there is no outright hostility going on. He can use this pool in place of Intimidation, Law or Cop Talk points. It does not refresh.

Warrant Pool – OOOO

Pillars of Sanity:
  • Moral Principles
  • The Intellect
  • Family and Friends
Academic Investigative Abilities
  • Art History 1 - O
  • History 1 - O
  • Language 1 (Italian) - O
  • Law 2 - OO
Interpersonal Investigative Abilities

  • Assess Honesty 3 - OOO
  • Cop Talk 3 - OOO
  • Credit Rating 4 - OOOO
  • Interrogation 2 - OO
  • Intimidation 2 - OO
  • Streetwise 2 - OO
Technical Investigative Abilities
  • Evidence Collection 4 - OOOO
  • Forensics 1 - O
General Abilities
  • Athletics 10 - OOOOOOOOOO
  • Driving 6 - OOOOOO
  • Firearms 8 - OOOOOOOO
  • Health 10
  • Scuffling 8 - OOOOOOOO
  • *Sense Trouble 6 - OOOOOO
  • Shadowing 6 - OOOOOO
  • Stability 10
  • Stealth 6 - OOOOOO
  • Weaponry 6 - OOOOOO
Hurt - OOOOO
Seriously Wounded - OOOOOO

Stability - OOOOOOOOOO
Shaken - OOOOO
Mind-Blasted - OOOOOO

Sanity - OOOOOOO

Description: Mason has known Sarah since they were both very young. He's always tried his best to keep an eye out for her. When she was in her teens and he was a rookie cop, he tried to make sure she didn't get into trouble over her head. Unlike many his age, he didn't go to the Great War. He instead remained on the home front as a police officer and ended up seeing a lot of horror of his own in the form of a crazed killer that stalked the streets for half a year. He managed to give a lot of help to the detectives officially on the case and it paved the way for his own detective's badge. He hasn't quite realized that he feels an honest attraction to her, but now that she's becoming a young woman, he's started to notice how attractive she is. Now that her cousin has gone missing and she's taken it upon herself to look into the matter, he's taken some vacation to go and look out for her.


Firearms – You can spend 2 Firearms pts to attempt to take a shot that goes past the normal range of the weapon being used. This would be long range with a pistol or up to 500 yards with a rifle. The 2 pts do not add to the chance to succeed, they only make the shot possible.

Since you have 8 Firearms or higher, you can spend 1 Firearms point to fire two pistols in one round. If you fire at two different targets then the Hit Threshold of one target, your choice, goes up by 2.

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