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Loss of Life Pre-Gen - Ming-Wen Chu

Age: 33 years old
Occupation: Clergy
Drive: Ennui
Occupational Abilities: 
  • Assess Honesty
  • History
  • Languages
  • Library Use
  • Occult
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Reassurance
  • Theology
Occupational Abilities have no effect on game-play. They are half-cost in character creation or advancement.

Occupational Benefit: Church Records, Improved Psychoanalysis

Church Records: Despite being defrocked, Ming-Wen still has friends in the church who know it was an unjust decision. By using Theology or Reassurance, she can gain access to church records or advice. In this case she has gained an Advice Pool which she may spend on Stability
Tests in place of her own Stability if desired. It does not refresh.

Advice Pool – OOOO

Pillars of Sanity:
  • Religious Faith
  • Moral Principles
Academic Investigative Abilities
  • History 3 - OOO
  • Languages 3 (Latin, Sanskrit, Latin) - OOO
  • Library Use 3 - OOO
  • Medicine 1 - O
  • Theology 4 - OOOO
Interpersonal Investigative Abilities
  • Assess Honesty 3 - OOO
  • Bureaucracy 1 - O
  • Credit Rating 2 - OO
  • Intimidation 1 - O
  • Reassurance 4 - OOOO
Technical Investigative Abilities
  • Astronomy 1 - O
  • Outdoorsman 2 - OO
  • Pharmacy 1 - O
General Abilities
  • Athletics 8 - OOOOOOOO
  • First Aid 8 - OOOOOOOO
  • Health 7
  • Hypnosis 7 - OOOOOOO
  • Preparedness 6 - OOOOOO
  • Psychoanalysis 10 - OOOOOOOOOO
  • Sanity 8 
  • Scuffling 8 - OOOOOOOO
  • *Sense Trouble 6 - OOOOOO
  • Stability 10
Health - OOOOOOO
Hurt - OOOOO
Seriously Wounded - OOOOOO

Stability - OOOOOOOOOO
Shaken - OOOOO
Mind-Blasted - OOOOOO


Description: Ming-Wen Chu used to be a Catholic nun but she's been defrocked. She was accused of “fraternizing” with a Jesuit priest. The accusations were baseless, the extent of her interaction with the priest in question was boxing lessons for self-defense given her tendency to bring charity to the rough parts of town, but her foreigner status worked against her and despite her innocence she still found herself kicked out of the order. Since then, she's felt sort of purposeless. She's going through a crisis of faith. While she still believes in God, she's uncertain of her own place in the universe. She's been doing a good job of hiding her distress from other people, and moving to a new town has helped, but there is just this need to fill like she has a reason again. She met Sarah Orne while the girl was asking around at the diner Ming-Wen was working about her cousin, Richard. Recognizing the name and description as one of her regulars, Ming-Wen offered to help the search. It took some convincing, but after mentioning her background in giving charitable medical care, Dr. Anton agreed to take her on as an assistant.


First Aid – If a character has become Hurt you can recover their Health up to one-third of their maximum. 1 First Aid Point heals 2 Health. If you are healing yourself, it is 1 Health per point of First Aid spent. If a character has become If someone is Seriously Wounded (-6 to -11 Health) then they need a hospital to regain Health but you can stabilize them with a Difficulty 3 First Aid Test

Improved Psychoanalysis – You can perform Psychological Triage by making a Difficulty 3 test. After success you can recover another person's Stability with a cost of 1 Psychoanalysis point for each 2 points of Stability recovered.

Points spent on succeeding in the roll to start wouldn't count toward recovering Stability.

You cannot perform Psychological Triage on yourself.

You can also spend 2 points of Psychoanalysis to calm a person acting irrationally.

You must past a Difficulty 3 Test to be successful. Points spend to perform the action do not count toward the success.

Hypnosis – You can put a willing person into a trance with a Difficulty 3. With a succesful test AND a1 or 2 pt Reassurance spend you can do this with people who aren't guarding for it as long as you're slow and cautious and can talk to them. Once this is done you can perform the following:
  • Create a simple trance during which the patient is calm and placid.
  • Establish rapport, reducing your Psychoanalysis difficulties with this person to 2 during the trance.
  • Recover memories
  • Place a post-hypnotic suggestion.
  • Ease pain so that penalties for the Hurt status are ignored.
  • Implant False Memories
Preparedness – You are an expert at predicting the things you might need. If you come across an obstacle that a particular object might allow you to move past, you can perform a Test to see if you have it. This depends on the narrative credibility of the item being requested being on hand.

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