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Loss of Life Pre-Gen - Professor Dorothy Mayven

Age: 53 years old
Occupation: Professor
Drive: Thirst for Knowledge
Occupational Abilities: 
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Bureaucracy
  • Languages
  • Library Use
  • Interrogation
  • Occult
Occupational Abilities have no effect on game-play. They are half-cost in character creation or advancement.

Occupational Benefit: Back Stacks, Tenure

Back Stacks – You have nearly unlimited access to the restricted collections of your school's library and museum. In this case, you have acquired an old amulet made up of several quartz beads that you were studying. You're not sure what it does yet, but your notes imply that it provides some level of warning. You can use points from the Amulet pool in place of Sense Trouble to notice supernatural danger or even to confirm the presence of something supernatural. Note, that when the Keeper says you can use the Amulet pool, then your character will know without a doubt that the amulet reacted to the phenomena. If you fail the Sense Trouble roll, it only means you'll notice it after the danger has been dealt with. Once it runs out of points, it has burned out. You do not have to spend points from this pool even if the Keeper says you are able to.

Amulet Pool – OOOO

Pillars of Sanity:
  • The Intellect
  • The Beauty of Nature
  • Aesthetics
  • Moral Principles
Academic Investigative Abilities
  • Anthropology 2 - OO
  • Archaeology 2 - OO
  • Geology 1 - O
  • Languages 4 (Latin, Aramaic, Gaelic, Ancient Greek) - OOOO
  • Library Use 2 - OO
  • Occult 4 - OOOO
Interpersonal Investigative Abilities

  • Bureaucracy 1 - O
  • Credit Rating 5 - OOOOO
  • Interrogation 4 - OOOO
Technical Investigative Abilities
  • Art 1 - O
  • Astronomy 1 -O
  • Photography 1 - O
General Abilities
  • Athletics 2 - OO
  • Conceal 3 - OOO
  • Driving 2 - OO
  • Firearms 2 - OO
  • Fleeing 10 - OOOOOOOOOO
  • Health 4
  • Preparedness 10 - OOOOOOOOOO
  • Riding 5 - OOOOO
  • Sanity 10
  • *Sense Trouble 5 - OOOOO
  • Stability 10
  • Stealth 7 - OOOOOOO
Health - OOOO
Hurt - OOOOO
Seriously Wounded - OOOOOO

Shaken - OOOOO
Mind-Blasted - OOOOOO


Description: Dorothy Mayven is an eccentric old woman, one of the few female professors at the local university. She has managed through sheer tenacity to acquire her tenure as a professor in Mythological Studies. At times she also teaches course in various ancient languages as well as other disciplines. The number of fields that she is versed in tends to astound most of the rest of the faculty and while she has limited knowledge of the hard sciences, she has talked rings around most of the rest of the faculty at one time or another. Known for her rather erratic office hours and seeming ability to vanish whenever other professors or students want to talk to her, she is a noted character at the university. She taught Doctor Anton's classes in Latin and has heard about his investigation and invited herself aboard for the ride.


Fleeing – Given her past history of adventure, Professor Mayven is very good at getting away, though these days its due more to cunning than speed. These points can be used in chases. The points that are in excess of her Athletics x2 were half-cost.

Preparedness – You are an expert at predicting the things you might need. If you come across an obstacle that a particular object might allow you to move past, you can perform a Test to see if you have it. This depends on the narrative credibility of the item being requested being on hand. Some obvious things will not require a test. Some items the Keeper will simply forbid.

Firearms – You can spend 2 Firearms pts to attempt to take a shot that goes past the normal range of the weapon being used. This would be long range with a pistol or up to 500 yards with a rifle. The 2 pts do not add to the chance to succeed, they only make the shot possible.

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