Sunday, August 30, 2015

Celestial Crow - Unsung Destiny (Worlds in Peril)

Codename: Celestial Crow
Real Name: Layla Xun
Origin: A Death in the Family
Drive: Prove Myself
Achievements: 0

  • Maneuver -1
  • Investigate +1
  • Protect +0
  • Influence +2
  • Smash +1
Classification: Rider

Appearance: This aristocratic woman has girl black eyes. Her silky, straight, night-black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a bird's feathers. She is tall and has an angular build. Her skin is chocolate-brown. Her wardrobe is attractive.

History: Layla Xun was a common university student looking into a degree in Communications until the comet swept past the Earth. She had been staying with her parents, praying and hoping for the coming disaster to be at least partially averted. Sadly, while it did so, the consequences of the comet's near brush with Earth still resulted in an quake that shook her Kansas City home, far from any region where earthquakes were common. She only just managed to survive the disaster when her father pushed her out from underneath falling debris. Unfortunately, her father died in the accident. It was a year later when she was given a jeweled amulet crafting from one of the newly discovered crystals. She first manifested her Shiva when a group of terrorists from an anti-government militia attacked her university over its presumed government research contracts.

Shiva Appearance: Layla's Shiva appears as a winged power suit roughly six feet tall with ebony black material highlighted by white "Tron" lines that have a feathery pattern. It is a very elegant and beautiful looking psionic construct.

Powers: Layla's Shiva is smaller and more mobile than those of most Riders, however, she not particularly skilled at using its mobility (hence the poor maneuver score). However, she is able to project holograms for various purposes as well as project a beam of pure white energy. She refers to these projections and energy blasts as "starlight". The suit also increases her strength to a degree.

Tactics: Layla mostly serves the purpose of finding and pointing out points of interest for any allies including both conventional troops and other Focusers.

Power Profile

  • Simple
    • Create a HUD informed by her subconscious awareness of the situation.
    • Display mobile but obvious holograms.
  • Difficult
    • Create a blast of pure white light to blind surrounding individuals.
    • Lift a full-sized car.
  • Borderline
    • Create realistic holographic duplicates of her Shiva
  • Possible
    • Manifest "Starlight" without manifesting the full suit.
  • Impossible
    • Turn Invisible
Drawback: Layla's fairly obsessive need to prove herself puts her at a great risk of becoming an Asura and she is at times operating under a tainted frame of mind. So far she has always recovered from this and as the existence and cause of Asuras have not yet been revealed, she is unaware of the danger.

Bonds: 5+

Limitation: Frequently Difficult

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