Saturday, August 15, 2015

Character Art from the 2006 Heritage M&M Event

Catherine Lusitania - Demon (FBI Psychologist);
Acacia Cristos - Drider (Physicist/Gamer)

Dr Tameka Rashad (Scientist), Jake Kinichi - Kami (Martial Artist),
Logan Klark - Oni (Bounty Hunter)

Jae-Hwa Sung - Kumiho/Kitsune (Actress and Special Effects/Illusions)

Blake Connor - Giant/Firbolg (Sanjuro Gate Watch), Deon Whitman - Angel (Athlete),
Jae-Hwa Sung - Kumiho (Actress and Special Effects)

Kayleigh Frestone - Elf (Business Woman), Rachel Moreno - Dragon (Marine Air Assault),
Hermione Oread - Mercurian (Courier)

Lucian Kurst - Vampire (Stage Performer), William Tristain - Werewolf (Unknown)

Marion Kweri - Doppleganger (unknown), Darren Quinn - Unknown Heritage (MIA)

Winter - Snow Woman (Heritage Teacher), Rampage - Troll (Heritage Groundskeeper)

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