Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gods and Monsters Character summary

Real short summary of the character creation in Gods and Monsters.

  • Aspects
    • Characters have the normal five Aspects for Fate Core.  High Concept, Trouble and three others.
  • Approaches
    • Gods and Monsters uses approaches such as found in Fate Accelerated. One +3, two +2, two +1, and one +0.
      • Bold - Great deeds and fanfare. Making yourself the center of attention.
      • Subtle - Hiding, sneaking, subtle manipulation. Avoiding attention.
      • Clever - Quick thinking, fast-talking and improvisation.
      • Mighty - Brute force, lifting, throwing, smashing and so on.
      • Wise - Planning, preparedness and knowledge of the world.
      • Swift - Speed, precision and swift reaction.
    • The Approaches are paired as a opposites.
      • Bold and Subtle are opposites.
      • Clever and Mighty are opposites.
      • Wise and Swift are opposites.
    • From each pair choose an "Ascendant" approach and attach it to one of your five Aspects.
      • This is usually the highest valued approach in each pair.
  • Stunts and Refresh
    • As normal for Fate Core and Fate Accelerated, you have 3 Stunts and 3 Refresh.
  • Boons
    • Each character has a Tier-1 Boon that provides two benefits.
      • A low-level persistent benefit related to your god's concept: see in pitch darkness, minor illusions, invulnerability to fire, deep pockets filled with odds and ends, a halo, etc.
      • Gain a weak stunt that is based on this: Because I am [something related to your god's concept], I can spend a power point stored in my stations to get a +1 bonus when I [choose one: Boldly, Subtly, Mightily, Swiftly, Wisely, Cleverly] [choose one: attack, defend, overcome, create an advantage] while [describe a circumstance.]
  • Geasa
    • Each character has a weakness known as a geas. There are two options.
      • Your god takes a -1 penalty when doing something that their nature resists.
      • Your god is entirely barred from a certain course of action unless there is an aspect on the scene that allows them to do it.
  • Stations 
    • Each station can hold one power point.
    • Each character has two stations. One community and one sub-region.
      • The community represents the race or people you have created. 
        • Multiple characters can share the same community.
        • A sub-region is a particularly sacred place that is connected to a character. 
          • Only one character can claim a sacred place at a time.

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