Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gods and Monsters Prep Page

From the product page on DrivethruRPG:

The world is young and majestic, and humans eke out a living and dream of civilization.

But you are not like them: you are a god. A primal creature, your soul a blazing font of power, your body an expression of your nature. The more extreme your behavior the greater the power you can wield—but it is easy to become lost in a single facet of your existence and cross the line from god to monster.

Perform mythic acts, skirmish with rival pantheons, and walk the line between power and control in this Fate World of Adventure by Chris Longhurst.

Wednesday 23rd - Slot 1 - 12am to 5am (Japan Time) - Gods and Monsters

The characters are young gods who have just recently set about creating a set of intelligent life within this young world. Maybe they all worked together to create the same set of mortals, or perhaps they each created their own set race. But now, something has taken offense at this new creation and seeks to threaten these newborn children of the gods.

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