Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Athame

An athame is a simple ceremonial knife meant to be used to mark circles and direct energy but never used to cut anything. This Athame has a black handle and a pristine blade. It is incredibly warm to the touch.

As a custom move, the Wielder can trace a circle around themselves unleashing a surge of mystical fire that will purge hostile powers from around the Wielder. The disruption lasts only for an instant but can cause existing enchantments to fail or go awry and prevent the use of magic or supernatural powers for an action or two. Supernatural creatures feel disoriented or even pained.

Roll +Weird.
  • On a 10+ the Wielder affects only hostile magic and supernatural powers.
  • On a 7-9 the Wielder either affects all magic, OR else they affect hostile and neutral magic and suffer 1 Harm which ignores armor.
  • On a miss, the Wielder either affects all friendly and neutral magic OR they suffer 2 Harm which ignores armor and disrupt no magic.
When affected by the Athame, either by villains or reckless allies, Hunters with magic or supernatural natures must Act Under Pressure to resist the disruption. The exact effects of the disruption are up to the Keeper. It may just cause an protective enchantment to fail or it may cause that enchantment to burn the protected subject. Supernatural Hunters and allies might lose a move or they might suffer a limited amount of Harm. Whatever best fits the Keeper’s needs.

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