Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Chalice

A chalice is a ceremonial cup used in occult and religious ceremonies. This Chalice appears to be a large but simple cup made from pure silver. It is very cool to the touch and seems as if it might be wet though none of the perceived liquid is left on any hand that holds it.

As a custom move, the Wielder may pour any liquids out of the Chalice in a single rush. Doing so creates a torrent which casts foes aside from the Wielder. This must be the intended use, it won’t create a torrent with an accidental spill.

Roll +Weird
  • On a 10+ the Wielder only affects hostile targets.
  • On a 7-9 the Wielder either affects everybody except for the Wielder OR the hostiles remain standing but allies take a +1 Forward due to the distraction enemies had from resisting the waves.
  • On a miss the Wielder affects all his allies including himself but enemies are untouched.
Keepers are encouraged to be creative when describing the negative effects of being hit by the waves. This can be a great chance to use any of the Basic Keeper Moves such as Separate Them, Take Their Stuff or Inflict Harm. The Hunters will likely have to resist by the use of an Act Under Pressure move or something similar.

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