Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Boss-Killer - Just a Game Avatar

Your build is meant to remove powerful enemies quickly.
  • You get 1:
    • Double Strike – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to deal Weapon Damage-1 twice as an effect. If you choose this effect twice, you deal Weapon Damage -2 four times.
    • One Shot, One Kill – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to do nothing this action but your next attack will deal +2 Weapon Damage in addition to any other effect you chose when Tapping the Skill. If you have to defend yourself before then, the skill is ruined.
  • You choose 1:
    • Vital Blow – You deal +2 damage whenever you attack without being in danger of counterattack.
    • Vicious Criticals – You deal +2 damage when you roll 10+ on Exchange Blows and choose Critical Hit.
    • Sunder – When you roll 10+ on Exchange Blows, you can choose to reduce the opponent Armor or Damage by 1 as an extra effect.
    • Skilled Flanker – You gain a +1 ongoing to Teamwork or Shield Other rolls to help someone who is using the Exchange Blows move.
    • Tools of the Trade – You gain an extra Weapon tag for your gear.

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