Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Strategist - Just a Game Persona

You are the person who always comes up with the plan for how to succeed.
  • You get: Analytic Calm – You get +1 Will (max 3).
  • You choose 1:
    • Full Control Encounter – If you have any unused Look for Trouble holds, you gain a +1 ongoing to Teamwork rolls.
    • Empty Fortress – People are very used to your plotting. You can make a point of your involvement to provoke their reactions. Roll +Will:
      • On a 10+ choose 2, On a 7-9 choose 1
        • Your presence causes your opponents to be hesitant and paranoid.
        • Your presence causes your opponents to jump to a desired conclusion.
        • Your presence causes your opponents to overlook something.
        • Your presence causes your opponents to rush their plans.
      • On a failure, choose 1 of the following:
        • Your opponents do not hasten their plans efficiently.
        • Your opponents do not become more careful.
        • Your opponents do not realize your goal.
        • Your opponents do not find a weakness.
    • Optimized HUD – Your game UI is optimized in a way to make it easy for you to keep track of your teammates and your opponents. When you successfully use Teamwork you grant a +2 forward instead of a +1.
    • Chessmaster – Your insight into the wider politics is just as sharp as your insight on the battlefield. You gain +1 Hold whenever you Read the Story. If you failed the move, you can ask two questions as if you had 2 Hold. One answer will be accurate but one will be wrong.
    • Predictive Insight – Once per adventure, you may sit and analyze what is going on around you. Roll +Will:
      • On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. Throughout that adventure you may spend 1 hold to:
        • Have a useful object ready
        • Retroactively cancel one source of harm by warning the player the attack or accident was coming.
        • Take a +1 forward or give a +1 forward to another player.
        • Allow yourself or another player to be where they are needed at exactly the right time.
      • On a failure, choose 1:
        • Your incorrect prediction does not result in a dangerous battle.
        • Your incorrect prediction does not result in a major social gaff.
        • Your incorrect prediction does not result in the destruction of a major item.
        • Your incorrect prediction does not result in a loss of resources.
        • Your incorrect prediction does not result in the loss of a close ally.
    • Two Birds with One Stone – Whenever you find a way to solve two major problems in one action, mark 1 experience.
    • Links in the Chain – At the beginning of each adventure, you can consider the reports of your allies and the events you have witnessed and how they interconnect. Roll +Will:
      • On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. At any time in the adventure, you may spend 1 hold to ask one of the following questions:
        • Is this person connected to the greater events more than they’re saying?
        • What is the next critical event that will happen?
        • How is this connected to our previous adventures?
        • What does the enemy want from this person/object/place?
        • What are the potential wider consequences of this adventure?
  • Histories
    • Choose one for each other player:
      • ___________ keeps you down to Earth and reminds you to take care of your own needs. Ask them why they hang out with you.
      • ___________ has worked with you many times in the past and trusts you completely. Tell them if you think you deserve that trust.
      • ___________ has been caught up in your plans before and though they even profited from it, it has left them distrustful of you. Ask them what happened.
      • _____________ has tried to outwit you once or twice. Decide between you how successful that’s been.
      • You have seemingly missed all of ________’s attempts to attract your attention. Tell them whether you are simply unaware or just unsure how to proceed.
      • _______ have often gone to you for your expertise. Ask them what sort of personal relationship you have.
      • You and __________ traveled in the same RL intellectual circles. Tell them what sort of intellectual pursuit you share. Ask them what they think of you.
      • You helped __________’s guild survive a hostile takeover planned by a much larger guild. Ask them for details and tell them what your solution was.
      • You and ___________ both have questions as to the reasons behind the event that brought you into the game. Ask them how you’ve collaborated on finding answers so far.

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