Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Your build is meant to control the behavior of enemies and the pace of the fight.
  • You get 1:
    • Locationals – When you Tap a Skill to incapacitate, box, slow or root an enemy and also take the Area tag you can choose to attach the skill to a particular piece of terrain. If you do so, it will wear out if the scene lasts too long, but will snag any new enemies that enter the area.
    • Charms – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to charm an enemy for a short time to fight for you. If you choose this effect twice, then the charm lasts longer and is harder to break.
  • You choose 1:
    • Economy of Hate – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to move all aggro in the party to one ally, including yourself if desired.
    • Defensive Control – When you Exchange Blows or Shield Other and roll 10+ you can choose to inflict a Control effect instead of one of the normal effects.
    • Soothe – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to remove all of a target enemy’s aggro. He will not regain aggro for a short time unless attacked or otherwise affected with hostility.
    • Specialized Equipment – You gain another gear tag related to control effects.
    • Staged Effect – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to add an effect with the flaw that it only activates once the initial effects are dispelled or their duration ends. This can be a third effect but it must be tied with a skill that has a duration, not an instant damage effect.

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