Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Crafter - Just a Game Persona

You are focused around creating items for other people to use.

  • You get: Masterwork – Once between each grinding session, when you Tap a Skill to grant a bonus to another player, you can either grant a +2 bonus or state that the +1 bonus will last until the next grinding session.
  • You Choose 1:
    • Deep Pockets – +1 Resources
    • MacGuyverism – You can attempt to create some useful item out of the resources available. Roll +System
      • On a 10+ choose 2 of the following. On a 7-9 choose 1 of the following.
        • The item will not malfunction.
        • The item is directly useful to the current situation.
        • The item will not use up 1 Resource.
      • On a failure, choose 1 of the following:
        • The item will not catastrophically malfunction.
        • The item will use 1 Resource instead of 2.
        • The item will be indirectly useful to the current situation.
    • At the Grindstone – You can do a lot of your grinding from the safety of your crafting facility. When grinding, you never suffer reduced Health as a potential failure cost.
    • Quality Expendables – The first time each person in the party Taps a Skill where spending Resources is required, they get one of the following benefits:
      • +1 Damage
      • +1 Health or Mana recovery
      • +1 Forward on that Tap a Skill use
      • Non-mechanical special benefit suggested by user.
    • Crafter’s Pride – Whenever you convince your party to let you address a challenge to your craft, mark 1 experience.
    • Personal Work – Add one more gear option
    • Appraisal – You have an eye for the value of gear and materials and can recognize the work of other crafters (in settings where each crafter’s creation is unique). Roll +Lore
      • On a 10+ Hold 2. On a 7-9 Hold 1. Spend a Hold to ask one of the following questions:
        • How rare is this?
        • How useful is this?
        • What is the source of this? / Who crafted this? (Essentially the same question)
        • Are there any flaws or dangers?
      • On a failure, you can choose one of the following:
        • My misinformation is only embarrassing.
        • I realize I don’t know anything about this.
  • Histories
    • Choose one for each other player:
      • ______ is your guinea pig for trying out new designs. Ask them what they think of that.
      • _____ tends to suggest ideas for new items. Ask them if their suggestions are reasonable.
      • ______always seem to be gathering the same materials or using the same facilities at the same time as you. Sometimes they get in the way. Ask them if it’s intentional. Tell them whether you’ve said anything yet.
      • ______always seems to outdo your crafted items either through clever use of skills, loot or their own crafting. Tell them how you’ve responded to this.
      • You think about ______ a lot while you’re working. You may be getting a crush. Ask them if they’ve noticed.
      • You have had an online business arrangement with _______ for a while. Ask them what it is. Tell them whether you’ve been happy with it.
      • You worked at the same place in RL as _________. Decide between you what the business was. Tell them your position. Ask them what their position was.
      • You and ______ were both pledging to the same guild but ended up not joining. Ask them why you didn’t join that guild. Tell them what the name of the guild was.
      • You and ______ both want to show up or defeat the same NPC (player or native is fine). Ask them who it is. Tell them why you want to show that person up.

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