Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Elite - Just a Game Persona

You know the game system better than almost anybody.

  • You get: Intimate Knowledge – You gain +1 System (max 3)
  • You Choose 1:
    • Chain Supremacy – When you successfully Tap a Skill you may take a +1 Forward on your next action.
    • Know it All – Use System instead of Persona when using Chat if the subject of game play is appropriate.
    • Mana Conservation – +1 Mana
    • Mentor – If you give advice to another player on how to use their skills, they get a +1 forward when following your advice.
    • Reputation Precedes – You can use +System for Chat if you are speaking to someone who recognizes you and knows your reputation.
    • That’s New – Whenever something familiar to you changes significantly, mark 1 experience.
    • Raid Veteran – Due to your past history in raiding, you have an exceptional item. Choose One:
      • Rare mount or vehicle.
      • Legendary weapon.
      • Legendary armor.
      • Exceptional accessory.
      • Unique or rare Vanity Pet or other Vanity Item
      • Renowned Title
  • Histories
    • Choose one for each other player:
      • You and ______ talk about optimization all the time. Ask them if you have the same theories on what’s best.
      • _______ make you more powerful when they’re around. Ask them how you first became a team.
      • _________ has outshone you regularly in the past. Ask them how they’ve managed this.
      • ___________ ganked you once in PvP. Ask them what the specifics were. Tell them whether you have forgiven the incident.
      • You are inspired to show-off in order to impress ________. Ask them what they think of that.
      • ________ has made or sold you most of your equipment. Ask them where they got it.
      • You were in the same gaming group as _________ in RL. Ask them what sort of tabletop game you two used to play.
      • Your guild and ________’s are allied and have been for a while now. Tell them what the specifics of the alliance are.
      • You and _________ both want to find the same rumored game location. Name the location and why you’re looking for it. Ask them why they want to find it.

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