Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Jewel

The Jewel is an emerald roughly the same size of an eyeball with an attached chain so that it might be worn like a necklace. It feels a great deal heavier than it should be.

As a custom move, the Wielder may clasp his hand tightly around the Jewel and focus on it. Doing so allows them to bring a sense of incredible weight down on those around them for as long as they focus on the Jewel.

Roll +Weird
  • On a 10+ the Wielder gives all allies a +1 ongoing as long as he continues focusing as the enemies are crushed under the sense of intense pressure and weight.
  • On a 7-9 the Wielder gives all allies a +1 ongoing, but the terrain around him also begins to suffer severe damage in ways that might create obstacles.
  • On a miss, the Wielder gives himself and his allies a -1 ongoing as they all feel crushed. He cannot release the Jewel and end the effect until he performs an Act Under Pressure move to unclasp the artifact. In addition, the surrounding environment also takes severe damage.
As with the Chalice, Keepers are encouraged to be creative when turning what is essentially a massive gravity well against the Hunters. A number of Basic Keeper Moves can be explained by the impact of this artifact’s usage.

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