Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Rosary

A rosary is a selection of beads threaded over a cord. Most of the time they have a religious significance, but not all rosaries do so. This Rosary does not appear related to any specific religion and may be taken to be a simple collection of worry beads. The beads are multi-colored, with each bead having a subtly kaleidoscopic appearance that makes them entrancing to look like. The beads feel smooth and sometimes seem to move in the Wielder’s hands.

As a custom move, the Wielder may remove a bead from the Rosary and toss it out. Immediately a hedge maze of thorns and vines grows up from the point of the cast off bead. The hedge is animated and seems almost to have a mind of its own.

Roll +Weird
  • On a 10+ the hedge is friendly to the Wielder and his designated allies.
  • On a 7-9 the hedge is neutral and equally likely to help or hinder anybody within its midst.
  • On a miss the hedge is hostile to the Wielder and any friends.
This is another artifact where the Keeper is encouraged to be creative in its use. The hedge can be either subtly menacing, only moving when not being directly observed, or it can be an actively animated mess of clutching vines as you desire. The hedge can be used to Separate Hunters as well as leading them into ambushes.

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