Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Mentor

The Tournament of Fate is too important to be ignored. the Great Beast must not be released into the world. On the other hand, you do not trust yourself to handle the power of such a demon directly. Not even to siphon it off and keep it sealed. The history is full of examples of those immortals who have participated as a wielder in the Tournament of Fate multiple times becoming progressively more monstrous. So you have made it your task to guide a wielder you feel is more capable of handling the touch of the Great Beast's essence.

When Investigating a Mystery you can ask these questions:
  • How does this relate to the history of the Tournament?
  • Are there any signs that another Wielder has been here?
  • What does this tell me about the other Wielder?
3 Luck

This role makes the most sense with the following playbooks: The Action Scientist, The Divine, The Exile, The Expert, The Flake, The Initiate, The Mad Scientist and The Spell-Slinger.

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