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Tournament of Fate Prep Page

The time has come round again.
Three score years have passed.
Five artifacts waiting to be claimed by a host of seekers.
Five Wielders will battle in the chosen place until there is but one.

 Monday 21st - Slot 2 - 5pm to 10pm (Japan Time) - Tournament of Fate - Monster of the Week

In the ancient past, a creature of cosmic violence was defeated by a host of sorcerers, warriors and creatures of supernatural power. It was supposed to have been destroyed, unfortunately there were some among the armies that defeated it who felt that it would serve better as a source of power and so they sabotaged the effort to obliterate it and instead arranged for it to be merely sealed away in a manner that would still allow them to draw upon it.

These selfish occultists managed to keep the secret of the creature's imprisonment for over a thousand years, but during that time the seal on the creature weakened to the point that it nearly escaped once. They barely managed to rally an effort to contain the monstrosity without revealing the truth of matters. And then they settled on a plan to prevent another such catastrophic event. They adapted another grand work that would strengthen the seal when performed so that the secret of the seal would not be endangered again.

The original tournaments were kept within the order itself, the winner drawing upon the power of the sealed beast to acquire a great boon upon winning the tournament. However, the entity that powered the seal remained a corrupt and brooding force and its will was never wholly separated from its power. Over time, the order found itself corrupted by its own practices, eventually coming to worship
the beast itself. Before the corruption was complete a number of members slipped escaped the order and took the secret of the tournament out into the world. 

Ever since then, the order has competed with others for the prize of capturing all five artifacts and gaining a boon from the power of the trapped beast. Every time they won the tournament, they would use the boon to weaken the seal as a whole. Fortunately, they have mostly failed to achieve victory, but it has come to the point that all it would take is for them to win one more time to unleash the horror into a world unprepared to deal with it.

Character Playbooks Accepted

  • Monster of the Week Revised Playbooks
    • The Chosen - A supernatural warrior empowered by prophecy.
    • The Crooked - A common criminal who stumbled into things over their head.
    • The Divine - A spirit of divine power come to Earth with a mission.
    • The Expert - A scholar with particular expertise in the occult.
    • The Flake - A gifted conspiracy theorist.
    • The Initiate - A member of an ancient secret society.
    • The Monstrous - A monster using their power to fight for good.
    • The Mundane - An average person who got caught up in the supernatural.
    • The Professional - An organization pays you to hunt monsters.
    • The Spell-Slinger - An especially talented spell-caster.
    • The Spooky - A person of unstable or dangerous supernatural power.
    • The Wronged - A person who suffered personally from the reach of evil.
  •  Revised Reinforcements
    • The Exile - A warrior or sage stranded out of their time.
    • The Hard Case - A veritable juggernaut of a person.
    • The Snoop - A journalist, amateur or otherwise, with a reputation for investigating the occult.
    • The Summoned - A creature of extradimensional origin who was summoned to this realm for a purpose...and decided to do their own thing.
  •  Third Party
    • The Action Scientist - A hunter who handles the occult with SCIENCE!
    • The Big Game Hunter - An experienced hunter of dangerous game who's upgraded his aims.
    • The Changeling - A young man or woman who used to think that they were human.
    • The Constructed - An artificial person, a golem, an android, or something similar.
    • The Mad Scientist - A scientist who used to create monsters.
Link to the Dropbox folder with the Playbooks and Hunter Reference Sheet.



In addition to the Playbook, each of the characters will choose one of the following roles which provides some explanation for how you've fit into the group to this point.

  • The Conjured - Magic summoned you forth to take part in this venture.
  • The Friend - You followed someone into this danger for the purpose of standing by them. 
  • The Mentor - You've known about the Tournament for some time and are here to aid your chosen party.
  • The Rival - Early on you were competing with the team, now you're on their side.
  • The Soldier - You're here to take out the enemy and keep the enemy from taking out your allies. 
  • The Wielder - You bear one of the five artifacts. If there is no wielder, there will be five opposing factions.


Each role provides some benefit or another, but depending on the desires of the participants more advances can be had based on the effort to acquire one artifact happened at the end of:
  • The opening credits - 0 Advances
  • The first two episodes - 1 Advance
  • The first half of the season - 2 Advances
  • The first season - 3 Advances
  • The first half of the second season - 4 Advances
  • The second season - 5 Advances

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