Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Your build is meant to make the enemies weaker.
  • You get 1:
    • Traveling Curses – When you Tap a Skill to debuff an enemy, as an extra effect, if the enemy dies before the debuff’s duration is over, it travels to the nearest other enemy. It can still be dispelled, however.
    • Supply Problems – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to make it so that every skill the target takes costs them 1 Mana.
  • You choose 1:
    • Damage Shield – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to give an ally or yourself a damage shield. Every enemy who hits them will take 1 Damage which ignores armor.
    • Rob From the Rich – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to drain a target’s Resources. As an extra effect, you can give the stolen resources to an ally instead of yourself.
    • Contagious Debuffs – Whenever you apply a debuff effect, you can choose for that effect will infect nearby enemies as long as its duration lasts. If you do so, you will suffer a flaw from the Tap a Skill list.
    • Poison Application – When you Exchange Blows or Shield Other and roll 10+ you can choose to inflict a debuff on the enemy instead of one of the normal effects.
    • Counter Measures – When you Tap a Skill to dispel a buff from an enemy, you gain a +1 ongoing.

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